My Parents Were Nervous About Me Doing This | Dixie D'Amelio
Hey guys!! This was an adventure to say the least. My parents were nervous wrecks when they found out about what we were going to do. Soooo we traveled to... somewhere in California to hang out with @The Deegan's I had so much fun with Hailie and her family. Thanks so much for watching!!!
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  • Dixie D'Amelio
    Dixie D'Amelio


    • Jordyn’s Adventures
      Jordyn’s Adventures

      Hi Dixie I am a fan

    • Steven Stovall
      Steven Stovall

      Dixie... haha this isn't tik tok

    • Jillian Richard
      Jillian Richard

      on your on video of corse you are first

    • Mariam Alsabah
      Mariam Alsabah


    • moodydollz

      why do u always comment this

  • Jerry

    Go bungee jumping!!!!

  • Sereen ewasat
    Sereen ewasat


  • gabriela Roblox
    gabriela Roblox

    It's funny🤣

  • Lex & Romey
    Lex & Romey

    I love driving Can-Am’s! Driving 4 seaters are terrifying though as being a 13 year old 😅 fun though. Fun video!

  • 7xix5

    Goff us.judo crushes🤍

  • Mason Hare
    Mason Hare

    I'm only here for the dirt bikes

  • Tria Bedong
    Tria Bedong


  • Mattyz Gamer
    Mattyz Gamer

    Dixie is gonna ruin a nascar pilot

  • Nicole Peverada
    Nicole Peverada

    My fave video of yours! I love dirt bikes and utvs so much! So much fun

  • Mikayla Grindstaff
    Mikayla Grindstaff

    Did anyone else see that at the end it said “subcribe” instead of subscribe 😂

  • Teresita leshan
    Teresita leshan

    Damn!This is so sick

  • cole10

    Hi dixie

  • Karla Valencia
    Karla Valencia

    When don't do it stupid

  • James Libby
    James Libby

    I drive race car and love your music keep up the good work Dixie

  • Coleson Frieboes
    Coleson Frieboes

    Wish i could afford a crf110..

  • Candela Zárate
    Candela Zárate

    Omg!! Dixie 💕✨☝ you can do it!! You are awesome!👀✨💕☺

  • CloudyxIzzyYT

    "Somewhere in California"

  • Why Me
    Why Me

    So cool

  • Stasney

    Holy fuck 6 ads on a 9 minute video, how much money do u need😂

  • Rylan Henderson
    Rylan Henderson

    Tell me how it takes me 2 hours to learn how to drive stick and she gets it first try 😂

  • Slime Duos
    Slime Duos

    OMG I swear to god I got her new music video’s ad while I was watching this. 😂 wow

  • Jacob Russell
    Jacob Russell

    My homie the deegen

  • Fabiola Zaragoza
    Fabiola Zaragoza

    one ☝️neigh🐴 one☝️~nEIGh~🐴 i 😃was🙂really😐really🙁really☹️sad😢

  • Mad_baby_a 8
    Mad_baby_a 8

    Hi my name is jasmine crowdale I died 22 years ago if your reading this I’m gonna ask you to stay strong and god has a plan for you just wait it’s probably not gonna come tonight today or right now but it will come soon trust me and to make this come true go head and pray I’m not gonna ask you to like but you can if you want to🙏🏾

  • Girl power
    Girl power

    OMG how I would die honestly

  • James Boggs
    James Boggs

    Nice job dixie

  • Ali Elsamra
    Ali Elsamra

    Hey Dixie I love you I'm a big fan even my bff she loves your sis pls answer me bye❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Gordon, Maddie, and Lily
    Gordon, Maddie, and Lily

    “I’ve had like... 14 concussions” lmfao

  • Mariam Alsabah
    Mariam Alsabah

    6:52 Me: u look like a flying bird

  • Mariam Alsabah
    Mariam Alsabah

    3:03 Me: nice glasses

  • Kiara Pellum
    Kiara Pellum

    Do a apartment tour

  • Valeria Del reyes
    Valeria Del reyes

    Omg I love this video was soo cool 😎 ❤️ I love you Dixie 💚💕

  • Jesus loves you
    Jesus loves you

    Jesus loves you ❤

  • Jesus loves you
    Jesus loves you

    Jesus loves you ❤

  • Jesus loves you
    Jesus loves you

    Jesus loves you ❤

  • Autumn Ellis
    Autumn Ellis

    My hands were sweating watching this

  • GiuseppeM

    1:39 teens speeding on a public road, what can go wrong

  • SuperChiko 2.3
    SuperChiko 2.3

    This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥🔥

  • Dragon Alek
    Dragon Alek

    Bruh The razor 1000 XP or Turbo is way better and faster than the Can-am fax. Go to Gorman or Barstow or Santa Clarita or Ensenada if you go offroading.

  • Ella Smith
    Ella Smith

    Am I the only one confused I thought. Dixie did BMX

  • Fattyvapes 69
    Fattyvapes 69

    Hayley is a superior human being

  • that one hispanic
    that one hispanic

    I love the creative Titles she even added her own name because she knows everybody forgets who she is

  • Madiha Ahmed
    Madiha Ahmed

    I would’ve had a PANIC ATTACK if I did this

  • Fan Edits
    Fan Edits

    Are we not gonna talk about the fact house that poor girl has had FOUR concussions 🤕!!!!???? Jeez 😹

  • Fan Edits
    Fan Edits

    Only one person who likes this comment with get to meet Dixie D’amelio someday! Good luck!! 🍀💕

  • Olivia Moser
    Olivia Moser


  • Lily Mills
    Lily Mills

    Stay safe

  • Robloxgurly.1 1
    Robloxgurly.1 1

    I remember seeing Haiden at Loretta Lynn’s. He took a picture with my cousin ( Colton )

    • Robloxgurly.1 1
      Robloxgurly.1 1

      @David Fernandez ikr

    • David Fernandez
      David Fernandez

      He is such a beast can't wait to see what he does in professional supercross in the future

  • Breanna M
    Breanna M

    i honestly think most people come from nebraska 😂 i live in nebraska so that’s cool

  • Ruben Flamenco
    Ruben Flamenco

    I hope she doesn’t get hurt

    • DoraMyGuy

      She has had many concussions shes fineeeeeeee I think

  • Samantha Valadez
    Samantha Valadez

    The best video 👍🏼😁❤️

  • YT SN9
    YT SN9

    My dad's friend is a disable motocross rider because he broke his back in a live motocross race. Ue(my King) won the 2016 disabled world Cup. He also won a major race in Italy. Search him up

    • Tiffany

      Wow impressive

  • Myreal Mandalo
    Myreal Mandalo

    Who else came from the deegans vlog? Me🙋

  • Gohan's Husky pack
    Gohan's Husky pack

    WHOS HERE FROM FaZe Rut he told us what to do so ima subscribe

  • Jai Atwal
    Jai Atwal

    Dam so lucky i eat sleep and dream dirt bikes iam one of the best riders in Australia but you guys are next level iam more into enduro though

  • Pastel Riya_303
    Pastel Riya_303

    Dixi is Literally me

  • JetBlue001 JetBlue
    JetBlue001 JetBlue

    I don’t like Charlie damilio but I like Dixie I think Dixie is better

  • rkke dkeme
    rkke dkeme

    this comment section is so dryyyyyyyyy

    • DoraMyGuy

      Cheese 🧀 👍🏻

  • megan yong
    megan yong

    Dixie ily please notice my tiktok is .coffee.mellio.rae

  • Marissa Bayer
    Marissa Bayer

    Who thought that it was Hailey Leblanc and Hayden Summerall?

  • Seairlín Murphy
    Seairlín Murphy

    They where nefvas about this but they left you to go on vk

  • Rodrigo e Rose Braga
    Rodrigo e Rose Braga

    LoL omg that look good

  • Sarah xx
    Sarah xx

    You’re voice sounds like a 17 year old dude

  • Paisley Starman
    Paisley Starman

    Her laugh is SO CUTE🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget

    ME TRYING TO FIND WAYS TO DEFEND CHARLI Chalian damelio is n influencer... SIS ITS UR JOB TO HAVE PPL TALK ABOUT U LMAO Okok death threats a bit harsh... SO DONT DO SOCIAL MEDIA Or maybe I'm just salty cause we the same age n she making BANK

  • Caresse Gray
    Caresse Gray

    and......and.....and......and.....and.....Dixie you said so many ands

  • Georgia Lizotte
    Georgia Lizotte

    Dixies laugh was so fake.

  • Exotics animal kingdom
    Exotics animal kingdom

    Bro im 15 and work with my dads clutch car

  • Arielle Rodriguez
    Arielle Rodriguez

    This made me wanna car too bad im 18 and broke

  • BigDill Phil
    BigDill Phil

    You nasty

  • Jaden omoh
    Jaden omoh

    you obviously didn't do this

  • Tarik Oubhat
    Tarik Oubhat


  • Alyssa Fortney
    Alyssa Fortney

    That’s my dream!! Hope you had fun.

  • imawesome m88888
    imawesome m88888

    This song makes me wanna become small as a germ and live on someone’s nose and eat it. I’d eat some everyday to the point where I would BECOME their nose

  • Daily Memes
    Daily Memes

    I literally ride a dirt bike it’s so fun

  • Allison Ste.Marie
    Allison Ste.Marie

    that seems so scary

  • yaqoota Fawaz
    yaqoota Fawaz

    ?DIXIE. Did you sister play Roblox Charlotte Amelia

  • Beatrice Micillo
    Beatrice Micillo

    Ma perché noooo

    • Beatrice Micillo
      Beatrice Micillo


  • Asia Fulp
    Asia Fulp

    There not even wearing masks- Im sick of this.

    • Asia Fulp
      Asia Fulp

      @clare Bro- Shes meeting with complete strangers. You want your life to go back to normal with no covid then dont meet with people besides family and close friends. Just saying man and also just because i dont like that people dont wear masks doesn't mean I'm a biden supporter, although I am but you shouldn't assume. Lmao

    • clare

      Chill tf out must be a Biden supporter

    • Asia Fulp
      Asia Fulp

      @Zay and Soph just sayin the pandemic is still around

    • Zay and Soph
      Zay and Soph


  • Therrin Whipple
    Therrin Whipple

    Brian Deegan is a legend

  • Charmaine Pinder
    Charmaine Pinder


  • Toa Tevaga
    Toa Tevaga

    For some reason dixie will like and comment on this comment

  • 真佐Sᴀʀᴀʜᴛᴀsᴛɪᴄ.

    This is the best vid I ever watched 👏👏 I post videos btw :D

  • jeboris greenwall
    jeboris greenwall

    i live five minutes from there

  • Stacy Meza
    Stacy Meza


  • S Grg
    S Grg


  • حسين الخضر
    حسين الخضر


  • Joud Jaghoub
    Joud Jaghoub

    me: does whatever your doing my mom: #$%#% why you go without me being 100% sure im only 99.9 % ok @#$%@

  • Somin (Charlotte) Ji
    Somin (Charlotte) Ji

    Dixie is so pretty uwu

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    Sahara Coyle


  • مجهول مجهول
    مجهول مجهول


  • Sean Ordway
    Sean Ordway

    Yo I look at your tik tok all day long

  • It’s Kylie
    It’s Kylie

    Didn’t Dixie use to race as a kid with motorcycles

  • Kay Plata
    Kay Plata

    The beginning music was from one of FGteev’s songs. Or it at least sounds like it.

  • nfl montages
    nfl montages

    i would do anything for that track

  • Emily girl
    Emily girl

    To: dixie Whats wrong you guys havent posted yet i miss you guys i love you and chari you guys are so cool and inspiering we love you guys Love: Emily ps. i love you guys so much that i have watch all of your vids again !!:)

  • Catalina Lobo
    Catalina Lobo

    Dixie you are going to do a house tour of your new apartament:

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    Estebanplayz YT

    Hey guys small UZloadr on the grind here. I would really appreciate a sub. Thx and have a good day. :)

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    Gaming With Laura

    U and noah should do a lie detector test u got 2million likes