The Dixie D'Amelio Show with Dillon Francis
Hey guys! This week on the Early Late Show, it was actually late when we filmed... Dillon Francis, the world-renowned pop singer joined me for another episode of The Dixie D'Amelio Show. Let's see if he wins the bet and I have to take care of his residency.
Make sure you go check out @Dillon Francis new track, Be Somebody!!
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  • Dixie D'Amelio
    Dixie D'Amelio

    Dillon's got a new song Be Somebody, go listen here:

    • menna gehad
      menna gehad

      Love ❤️ you

    • adoptmerocks evil unicorn
      adoptmerocks evil unicorn

      ..yeah no

    • adoptmerocks evil unicorn
      adoptmerocks evil unicorn


    • Raiha Nafi
      Raiha Nafi

      off road videos WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!?! Dixie is so pretty - prettier than you anyways - and she apologised after

    • Nate Perez
      Nate Perez

      @Mariam Loure Hahahahahha, weird 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • menna gehad
    menna gehad

    Love ❤️ you

  • i play roblox
    i play roblox


  • Yarah Ammerlaan
    Yarah Ammerlaan

    Your a ✨Baddie✨

  • Olivia Whitehouse
    Olivia Whitehouse

    Love that Dixie gets the blanket

  • Tffee Prijoles
    Tffee Prijoles

    1 min in and im out this is so awkward bye-

  • Peace for All
    Peace for All

    First time seeing her, why does she get so many views, this is car-crash interview, she’s terrible...

  • 478N

    Dixie just stop doing that...

  • Tamoya Spencer
    Tamoya Spencer

    The hate is ASTRONOMICAL

  • Smoke Roses
    Smoke Roses

    Get this girl her own talk show she is more funny than Ellen

  • Nicole Peverada
    Nicole Peverada

    Omg your makeup looks flawless

  • DJCookiez

    Day 101 of trying to get subsricbers from the comments 🥺💖✨

  • Teresita leshan
    Teresita leshan

    Dillon is officially now my new favourite person

  • Teresita leshan
    Teresita leshan

    This has to be the best interview of them all

  • fany Arteaga
    fany Arteaga

    This vid is her least viewed lol

  • Vinnie Russo
    Vinnie Russo

    What the hell is she wearing???

  • Cheyenne Asmr
    Cheyenne Asmr

    Congrats on 7M

  • Ajinkya Chavan
    Ajinkya Chavan

    Worst host of late show 😣

  • Chon Abraham
    Chon Abraham

    Dixie: what your favorite color Me:🤦🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️

  • Hayley Vine
    Hayley Vine

    He couldn’t wait to get the fuck out

  • Hayley Vine
    Hayley Vine

    She didn’t deserve your time and effort Dillon . Entitled brat

  • Ludwig Boßler
    Ludwig Boßler

    I love your show

  • Hayley Vine
    Hayley Vine

    Bet 2 years ago when you weren’t famous .. you weren’t so fake . You’re selling out and it’s sad

  • Hayley Vine
    Hayley Vine

    Your dad is cooler than you

  • Hayley Vine
    Hayley Vine

    LOL DILLON DID NOT STEAL YOUR BEAT . WHAT ? You’re shallow . Shut up Dixie

  • Hayley Vine
    Hayley Vine

    Dixie . Show some compassion ... Don’t be that “gotta act a certain way in front of the camera “ type of gal .... like don’t interview people Just for the sake of money . Cuz this is akward not only for a huge fraction of your audience ... it’s akward for your guests . Like . This got Ellen degeneres vine

  • Hayley Vine
    Hayley Vine

    Oof this is painful . 18 year old girl who has no idea what he’s talking about . Or who he is ... YIKES .

  • juker59


  • Jake Clarke
    Jake Clarke

    everyone hating on this like it’s not supposed to be awkward and that’s the whole point of the video, fucking hell

    • Morgan BeVard
      Morgan BeVard

      it’s supposed to be “chill...”

  • Rad Pastidio
    Rad Pastidio

    ur a toxic

  • Rachel Caponera
    Rachel Caponera

    omg this is trash

  • Rashid Begzad
    Rashid Begzad

    IM DONE WITH CHARLI! im not gonna hate her but WHAT FUCKING MAKES ME ANGRY IS THAT PPL HATE YOU AND LEAV YOU dixie just so you know you get the hype from us😌😌😌❤❤❤dont listen to the hate!!!!

  • Tracy Murphy
    Tracy Murphy

    Sorry Dixie i know this is gor fun but that was so awkward! I love watching your interviews with people you have more stuff in common with

  • Molly Lehr
    Molly Lehr

    i like dixie’s music but she’s making this interview so awkward, i feel bad for Dillon, he’s having to carry the whole video and that should be dixie’s job! i love you dixie but geez!

  • Mikayla Heneke
    Mikayla Heneke

    She should do the show with Drake

  • TrickO Pop
    TrickO Pop

    Y so much complaints, that’s just her personality, if u don’t like it don’t watch it, no need for negativity

    • Dennis

      seems like she doesn't have one. she was being very uninterested, which is kind of rude

  • Fabiola Zaragoza
    Fabiola Zaragoza

    one ☝️neigh🐴 one☝️~nEIGh~🐴 i 😃was🙂really😐really🙁really☹️sad😢

  • Jyotsana Mahesh
    Jyotsana Mahesh

    Champagne shower

  • Jyotsana Mahesh
    Jyotsana Mahesh

    Dixie is like ready after this then this and this so she teally wants to know about him

  • Jyotsana Mahesh
    Jyotsana Mahesh

    I love you

  • Jenny

    Omg I can't believe he brought up Foxwoods lmao cause I go there for the shows!!

  • Roula Alvenioti
    Roula Alvenioti

    Love Dixie,Addison,Charli and Avani♥️♥️♥️

  • john paul
    john paul

    I saw the Happy song that he did for you


    the awkwardness starts from 0:01-1:30 😭😭😭

  • A millie V.
    A millie V.

    Tomorrowland 🇧🇪 hihi

  • Yellow Flowers
    Yellow Flowers

    Wait he actually did the remix

  • Maika Elon
    Maika Elon

    At first with The Dixie D"Amelio Show, I thought it was a joke, but now it's LEGIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex Marron
    Alex Marron

    🎶that’s just my baby daddy🎶

  • ItZ MarZ
    ItZ MarZ

    I can tell neither of them want to do this lol

  • Victoria Blue
    Victoria Blue

    Omg Dixie's makeup 😍😍😍😍

  • Jappy Days
    Jappy Days

    What did she leave in her seat !!!!!?

  • Vjollca Rrahmani
    Vjollca Rrahmani

    Hi Dixie pls mi love 🥺🥺



  • joker joker
    joker joker

    Love ❤️

  • Evann Blaze
    Evann Blaze

    D'Amelio's think they are cool.

  • Mariajose Sanchez
    Mariajose Sanchez

    14:30 😂❤️ favorite part

  • Mariajose Sanchez
    Mariajose Sanchez

    This is my favorite video of all of dixie damelio shows

  • Mariajose Sanchez
    Mariajose Sanchez

    7:20 hahahah I can't 😂😂❤️

  • Mariajose Sanchez
    Mariajose Sanchez

    5:20 😂😂😂 i love her personality idk hahahhaha

  • Megan Pesa
    Megan Pesa

    When your nana won 15,000 dollars at fox woods

  • Just Mylene
    Just Mylene

    These are Charlie and Dixie‘s emoji that matches there personality...... Charli: ✨😉🖤 Dixie: ✨🤍🥺

  • Taylor Holt
    Taylor Holt

    Why does she feel so entitled, she doesn’t deserve to be in his presence

  • Kiara Pellum
    Kiara Pellum

    Do a apartment tour

  • Suhail Maram
    Suhail Maram

    I Live in Connecticut but in naugatuck :( Like if you live in Connecticut

  • Leslie Kelley
    Leslie Kelley

    Unlike you when I don't like a certain type of food.I don't eat it.

  • Lazarus C-P
    Lazarus C-P

    It seem like she was being rude but in the nicest way possible but an knockoff Ellen

  • Ariel

    Is she on something

  • Kasey P
    Kasey P

    what is everyone’s problem mg 💀

    • Morgan BeVard
      Morgan BeVard

      She’s so bland

  • crazy fam
    crazy fam


  • Joslyn Almeida
    Joslyn Almeida

    Who agree that she should have David Dobrik on next??

  • Ghosty Dubs
    Ghosty Dubs

    pop singer?

  • Nelson Gonzales
    Nelson Gonzales

    This girl is the last person that should be hosting a show, sooo bland 😭

  • IG: Lavasguide
    IG: Lavasguide


  • Haki Ikah
    Haki Ikah


  • Tayona Hill
    Tayona Hill

    @1:40 .. Dixie that’s ur que to step up ur questions 😐 you literally are tryna keep up this lil “talk show” but never have any good questions .. so awkward this is boring goodbye I can’t watch 🤧

  • Gabriella Lundsteen
    Gabriella Lundsteen

    Thats fun…

  • Astraestus

    Stop crying y'all were the ones who made her famous in the first place smh

  • Namrata Bhosle
    Namrata Bhosle

    Okay we all know they're running out of content bye 😭😭😭😭

  • dom garcia
    dom garcia

    I can’t tell if she’s completely full of herself or if she’s just a shy, awkward person trying her best?

  • Alex Sarinana
    Alex Sarinana

    Dillion Francis is cool! As for Dixie why do people even follow this chick? She has no personality whatsoever

  • SuperChiko 2.3
    SuperChiko 2.3

    This is a beautiful video 🔥🔥🔥

  • Shiva A
    Shiva A

    How is this rude girl famous?!!!

  • Trino Berumen
    Trino Berumen

    All white show trailer trash

  • anderson Guineapigs
    anderson Guineapigs

    Dixie there’s a lot of hate on this video but for no reason I love this video don’t let people get you down .

  • Amal Hassan
    Amal Hassan

    what happen to you your sister i feel bad from her tiktok im a girl feel bad sorry that happen

  • DrowxT

    if you like this coment then you will be a millionaire just like my comment

  • DrowxT

    he looks so forced

  • Shannon Simmons
    Shannon Simmons

    You are the best tik toker and you are the best

  • Brian Dawe
    Brian Dawe

    "I mean, you can try" 😂😂😂

  • Raych XD
    Raych XD

    The fake laughter tho in the background😂

  • Samin Yasar Alam
    Samin Yasar Alam

    Dillon Francis's host part was amazing

  • Juicy Covid
    Juicy Covid

    Jesus the state of dixie in this vid.

  • Indio 283
    Indio 283

    Weirdest interview yet. Dixie seemed completely uninterested. Very awkward. She is usually very entertaining.

  • Yashasvi Pandey
    Yashasvi Pandey

    Dixie tries too hard to look cool and sarcastic but she isn't 😀

  • Yashasvi Pandey
    Yashasvi Pandey

    Wow! Dixie doesn't know how to host, talk, behave or to be interesting. She is so boring and the only reason she does these episodes is money. And famous people come here bcoz it's the ✨ D'amelio privilege ✨ for me. She was totally right at 12:27 bcoz only Charli deserves the success that THEY have. Period 😌💅

  • Gigi Abed
    Gigi Abed

    Cringe every comment; sorry but starting to see a little ugly there and not in a stuck up kinda way but in a not entertaining kind of vibes. Maybe misses home 😿. 🤷Just don’t feel pressured to make vids un genuinely.

  • kenliikepadu

    Ur look is really frightening 😱😱🤮🤮

  • we eye to eye
    we eye to eye

    What's with Dixie and her body language. It feels so uncomfortable lol

  • multie.fandom

    I can't be the only one who heard Dixe say "he's a lawyer" 😭

  • Ava Brooke
    Ava Brooke