Exclusive Behind the Scenes For My New Music Video | Dixie D'Amelio
This was such a fun shoot with @blackbear and @Lil Mosey I'm so excited for you all to see the official video, but for now, you can just imagine how it turns out! Thanks for watching!
Join me LIVE on @UZload this Sunday to premiere the official music video!
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Sometimes I don’t wanna be happy
Don’t hold it against me
If I’m down just leave me there, let me be sad
I don't wanna get up outta bed this season
All bad days, walk away... leave me bleedin
It's fuck you and you
Fuck today, fuck this pain I been feelin
I've got the devil on my shoulder, heart is getting colder
But, I keep to myself
Anxiety been creepin', staring at the ceiling
But, I don't need your help 'cause
Sometimes I don’t wanna be happy
Don’t hold it against me
If I’m down just leave me there, let me be sad
Sometimes I just wanna be lonely
Don’t need you to hold me
If I’m low you don’t need to care, let me be sad
What’s the matter with that?
Oh, oh, oh
What’s the matter with that?
Oh, oh, oh
What’s the matter with…
Lil Mosey
Sometimes I be by myself
Cause it feel better
Sometimes my heart feel like snow
Like it’s cold weather
I know everyone fake
I just roll wit it
So you can’t come with me
If you can’t roll wit us
All of you making me mad
I had to spazz out
I know it made me feel better
So I had to cash out
This fame not what it seems
It brings bad bad energy
Sometimes I don’t wanna be happy
Don’t hold it against me
If I’m down just leave me there, let me be sad
Sometimes I just wanna be lonely
Don’t need you to hold me
If I’m low you don’t need to care, let me be sad
What’s the matter with that?
Oh, oh, oh
What’s the matter with that?
Oh, oh, oh
Bad days, it’s okay
Let me feel it (uh-huh, uh-huh)
In some ways, you’ve gotta break your heart to heal it (heal it)
I’ve got chips on my shoulder, only gettin’ older
So, I keep to myself
Ain’t tryna complain just don’t wanna explain it (explain it)
Sometimes I don’t wanna be happy
Don’t hold it against me
If I’m down just leave me there, let me be sad
Sometimes I just wanna be lonely
Don’t need you to hold me
If I’m low you don’t need to care, let me be sad
What’s the matter with that?
Oh, oh, oh
What’s the matter with that?
Oh, oh, oh
What’s the matter with that?
Oh, oh, oh
What’s the matter with that?
Oh, oh, oh
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      Omg you joined UZload 15 years ago you litterally joined UZload before I was born

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    Dixie D'Amelio

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  • Dixie D'Amelio
    Dixie D'Amelio

    Who's here after Noah said this was when they said their first "i love you"

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      The hive Clip

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