Carving Pumpkins with my Best Friends ft Charli, Noah, James, Chase, & Larray | Dixie D'Amelio
Heyy! For Halloween we all got together for a fun weekend of Halloween content. I hope you enjoy watching us all carve pumpkins, make sure you watch till the end to see who had the best pumpkin! Don't forget to watch all my friends videos from our Halloweeeeen weekend! Thanks @James Charles @charli d'amelio @Noah Beck @Chase Hudson @LARRAY
James' video:
Charli's video:
Larray's video:
Noah's video:
Chase's video:
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  • raquel valencia
    raquel valencia

    Ame la cara de charli en 2:22

  • Pia

    2:14 el momento q todos buscan xde

  • Elizabeth Grigioni
    Elizabeth Grigioni

    i think dixie's and chase because they did the basic pumpkin

  • Robloxian ChocoUwU
    Robloxian ChocoUwU

    Why are people ignoring chase 😭


    Algum brasileiro ?

  • Rishainely Martha
    Rishainely Martha

    I think did Dixie is the 3 st Baucus she is a chieter she don t like he sister

  • Rishainely Martha
    Rishainely Martha

    And the 3 st its Dixie and chase

  • Rishainely Martha
    Rishainely Martha

    2 st its James Charles and Noah beck

  • Rishainely Martha
    Rishainely Martha

    Charli and Larry won

  • Sharlene Mahendrarajah
    Sharlene Mahendrarajah

    yall noah deleted the halloween collab vid

  • Elin Burton
    Elin Burton

    Dixie not letting chase do nuthin, being rude to charli and larray, (like look at larrys face) and being ride to james and noah smh

  • Tik tok Diversión
    Tik tok Diversión

    2:21 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • عمير القحطاني
    عمير القحطاني

    جهنم ياقو هل من مزيد🤣😑

  • Carolina Quintana
    Carolina Quintana

    I love You charli

  • mia yngrid
    mia yngrid

    Dexini eiu de charlie wuat. Maltrato ela

  • שחר עזרא
    שחר עזרא

    Where is addison?????

  • María Laura González Zafra
    María Laura González Zafra

    I really liked the video but I would understand it more if it were in Spanish

  • Manuela Games
    Manuela Games

    Te odeio dixie sua ridicula a da Charlie tava perfeita e só de inveja vc estragou a abobora da sua irmã sua invejosa te odeio

  • надя украинец
    надя украинец

    why dixie so angry sometimes

  • Natalia Chwastek
    Natalia Chwastek

    Noo Charlie 😭

  • Giorgia Santucci
    Giorgia Santucci

    Povera charli dixie basta fare male a charli

  • renawi king
    renawi king


  • Lucina Ojeda
    Lucina Ojeda

    Charlie:yo no hago desmadre yo soy el desmadre 👁️👄👁️💅

  • Brendhinh4

    Eu sou o comentário brasileiro que você procurava🇧🇷

  • DD’s Life
    DD’s Life

    I feel bad for chase Dixie won’t let him do anything


    James tride stabbing dixe in the eye what a bad sister

  • Audrey May Condes
    Audrey May Condes

    Is this your chanell well you werent talking just go well you took over honey😔why did u fight

  • Nisa

    Dixi salakkkkk


    Nobody gonna talk about how Dixie is not letting chase help with the pumpkin and he’s just being patient.💀👀

    • Jay Carver
      Jay Carver

      LOL, I noticed that, typical woman behavior..

  • Karlie Schnakenberg
    Karlie Schnakenberg

    Dixxie is kinda mean to charlie sometines but overall you guys are funny and you all win

  • Coty Mansilla
    Coty Mansilla

    You AND you sister ✨beatiful✨

  • Marii Metslaid
    Marii Metslaid

    You ar pridi

  • Brandon Steinbrenner
    Brandon Steinbrenner

    She would have been nothing without her sister.

  • Rebeká Šamková
    Rebeká Šamková

    I love you I love you my idol 💖💖💖💖💖

  • Aydania Delarosaberroa
    Aydania Delarosaberroa

    La gente nadie Charlie en los vídeos

  • nickayla forbes
    nickayla forbes

    Dixie just doing all chase is just looking

  • nickayla forbes
    nickayla forbes

    Charli and Larry 🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Dahlia Salah
    Dahlia Salah

    cAn YoU pLeAsE lEaVe OuR pUmPkIn AlOnE

  • Lizzie Melon
    Lizzie Melon

    Charli is a Good pumpkin mom

  • Malak Sabarna
    Malak Sabarna

    Charlie feels jealous of Dixie

  • Lee Kok
    Lee Kok

    Charli doesn’t like chase bc he cheated on her-?

  • Candice Saunders
    Candice Saunders

    Charli: can you please leave our pumpkin alone. 😂

  • Candice Saunders
    Candice Saunders

    Larry and charli are so funny together

  • India Robinson
    India Robinson

    7:35 Look at Dixie's face how rude to James :(

  • India Robinson
    India Robinson

    2:21 No one: just no one: Charli: *cAn yOu pLese lEave OoUr paaummpkIN AAlAOne?

  • India Robinson
    India Robinson

    1:30 No one: Just no one: Charli: *EHahahhhahahah

  • Aumeer Clayborn
    Aumeer Clayborn

    It’s so sad that it looks like Dixie gets jealous and just chase did not help super rude Dixie

  • Dylan Dionisio
    Dylan Dionisio

    Charli’s laugh lol 1:30

  • lorena uribe
    lorena uribe

    Dixie your so mean to your sister charli

  • Carlos Alberto De Celis Dominguez
    Carlos Alberto De Celis Dominguez

    Charli IS win

  • ERMP 2210
    ERMP 2210

    The new sister squad

  • Narda Feliciano
    Narda Feliciano

    dixie se cree la mas y eso es feo🤢🤢

  • Sadia Mehrban
    Sadia Mehrban

    Hi it is my first time seeing you

  • Juliana Babine Cruz
    Juliana Babine Cruz

    Os que falam português 👇

  • mariaplays

    i love youuu Charli and Dixie!

  • Hilary Valencia
    Hilary Valencia

    Yo hablo en español

  • hey moranguinhos
    hey moranguinhos

    Eu assisto e não entendo nada

  • Kiah Mehta
    Kiah Mehta

    Charli and Larray in the starting haha

  • Sophia Specchiali
    Sophia Specchiali

    Any one else see Noah being side tracked by the fly at the end 😂😂

  • Sophia Specchiali
    Sophia Specchiali

    Aww chase- “wait”...”lemmee do something “ . Seems so sweet

  • Guam Ponteras
    Guam Ponteras

    0:06 i was laughing hahaha😂😂



  • ماريه سعد الدوسري
    ماريه سعد الدوسري

    احبك تشلي

  • Hanna Lepa
    Hanna Lepa

    Charli no cry

  • Tiffany lorraine Francisco
    Tiffany lorraine Francisco


  • nia qaisara
    nia qaisara

    Mestilaa chali dia tik toker

  • Giliani Garza
    Giliani Garza

    why was charil so mean not to be mean.

  • Kimmy Norual
    Kimmy Norual

    Dixie and charli must change their attitude they can hurt someone's feelings *ik they are beautiful but their attitude nah they haven't reach half at addison's attitude duh*


    Los que vieron las caras que le hizo charli a chase 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dee Summers
    Dee Summers

    This should have been called "Everyone being selfish and rude towards Chase"

  • Susan Craddock
    Susan Craddock

    You all are so pretty

  • Sama Ahmed
    Sama Ahmed

    ohh idont know wht i talking 😂😂

  • Rhiane Angue
    Rhiane Angue

    You so bad

  • Lina CHAAIRI
    Lina CHAAIRI

    Larray littely didn't do anythink 😂😂😂😂Charli did all the things 😂😂😂


    hello Dixie 😊😊😊

  • Fans Charli D'amelio
    Fans Charli D'amelio

    0:08 love this part hahaha

  • Arian Rodríguez
    Arian Rodríguez

    4:01 irá amazing

    • 初夏ゎ微凉

      I agree 😌

  • Miyhona Thomas
    Miyhona Thomas

    I know this is three months ago but that was so rude Dixie

  • Selina Queen
    Selina Queen

    Dixie and chase

  • Naomi Guadalupe
    Naomi Guadalupe


  • Alynna and Aaron Villasenor
    Alynna and Aaron Villasenor

    Do you

  • Laura Ramirez
    Laura Ramirez

    4:03 Dixie!!! 😂 😂 😂

  • Lara souza
    Lara souza

    Eu sou o comentário br que vc procurava

  • Cicera Helena
    Cicera Helena

    Where's Charlie

  • Kinsey Clements
    Kinsey Clements

    Y’all talk about how Dixie didn’t let chase do anything but her idea won

  • Emma Perez
    Emma Perez

    I like Dixie Damelio pumpkins

  • Yasmim Emanuelle
    Yasmim Emanuelle

    Eu não entendi nada

  • Anežka Černohorská
    Anežka Černohorská

    BLACK TEAM♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Mara Sofia Martínez Rojas
    Mara Sofia Martínez Rojas

    eso es lo que ella quiso decir shase

  • Mara Sofia Martínez Rojas
    Mara Sofia Martínez Rojas


  • Elin Ryberg
    Elin Ryberg

    Poor charli!

  • Jade Ainhoa Molina Rebolledo
    Jade Ainhoa Molina Rebolledo

    Reto de un video 24 horas hablando español please haganlo

  • Leticia Rangel
    Leticia Rangel

    Soy la única en español

  • Julia Vlog
    Julia Vlog

    Biedna charli ☹☹☹

  • Mellany Victória
    Mellany Victória

    odio a la hermana de charli, odio a su madre🙄

  • a,r

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha😹😹😹. 9:21

  • Clair Markes
    Clair Markes

    Why is dixie rude to Charlie DIXiE SHE YOU SISTER OML

  • Jennifer Edits
    Jennifer Edits

    Pásate por mí canal de UZload 😚✨

  • Julianna Castillo
    Julianna Castillo


  • maria_drll

    Gentee a charli e muito fofaaaaa não daa

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