The Dixie D'Amelio Show with Lil Huddy
Hey guys! This week on the Early Late Show, the most requested guest, Chase Hudson AKA Lil Huddy!
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  • Gloria Gallarzo
    Gloria Gallarzo

    Dude why are there so many adds😭

  • Clarissa Perez
    Clarissa Perez

    Who else laughing when Dixie bom Charles head hard and there mom got mad at Dixie and charli did the same so Dixie screamed my hand slIPED 😂😂😂😂

  • pretzel gloss
    pretzel gloss

    When chase said “your forehead” it made me happy cause when chase and charli use to date chase would always kiss charli there😂

  • Dunya Beauty
    Dunya Beauty

    Charli diexi goed

  • Doron Pollak
    Doron Pollak


  • Doron Pollak
    Doron Pollak


  • Kim J
    Kim J

    Chase: u don't have fav. subject 'cuz u don't wanna hurt others feelings.

  • Itzel Reyes
    Itzel Reyes

    Charlie likes little hoodie but I actually like him yourself Ha

  • gacha lover
    gacha lover

    The dogs are just waiting to someone to get the ball 😂

  • Amelia Mae
    Amelia Mae

    The entire show is litteraly cringe

  • Josef Bílý
    Josef Bílý

    Charlie is cute🙏😇⚡⚡🤩❤️

  • Avery Zullo
    Avery Zullo

    That fake laugh at the beginning 🤢

  • buse

    You're too innocent for this world charlie🥺

  • Lexi_Vlogs

    I have birthdate at 6th july

  • Zeynep Sayan
    Zeynep Sayan

    Turkish language please understand my

  • Zeynep Sayan
    Zeynep Sayan

    Turkis language please understand my

  • Zeynep Sayan
    Zeynep Sayan

    Turkish language please

  • Zeynep Sayan
    Zeynep Sayan

    Turkish language please

  • Jeffery James
    Jeffery James

    Did no one see how Chase and Charli were looking at each other I ship🥰🥰

  • Chanel_damelio

    Dixie: Charliiiiii! Comone!!

  • Roblox Gamer
    Roblox Gamer


    • Roblox Gamer
      Roblox Gamer

      Ilysm Dixie


    Am I have a question how is lilh7ddy lol

  • Kayola Densham
    Kayola Densham

    Is. Charli. More. Sorry. Dixie

  • Bayan Thabit
    Bayan Thabit


  • Grant Holzen
    Grant Holzen

    i was born on the same day as chase!

  • Mr Watermelon
    Mr Watermelon


  • Villo Toth-Varga
    Villo Toth-Varga

    charli alaways draws her attention before chase😳

  • Moa Larsson
    Moa Larsson

    I’m from Sweden🇸🇪

  • Lana Khalid A Barabea
    Lana Khalid A Barabea

    Chase starting to blush wen Charli got down me:🤩🥺😃☺️😍

  • روبلوكس مع رهف roblox with RAHAF
    روبلوكس مع رهف roblox with RAHAF

    I love you

  • Rolyn Coles
    Rolyn Coles


  • Pohon


  • nimayc _
    nimayc _


  • XxCocoHeartsxX

    Me not looking at charli looking left to right in a weird way 😂

  • Isabella Moreira Zanela
    Isabella Moreira Zanela

    Gente cadê os brasileiros

  • Courtney Unicorn
    Courtney Unicorn

    Dose charli and chase still have felling for each other?

  • Georges Attieh
    Georges Attieh


  • Vishwa Halbe
    Vishwa Halbe

    i think charli and chase should do a lie detector test!!! lol.....

  • star 7484
    star 7484

    Me wishing she asked the charli questions 😪

  • Duke Butter
    Duke Butter

    Chase is more feminine than Dixie 😂😂😂

    • Robert Phillips
      Robert Phillips

      Dixie has Tom boy vibes. You won’t find a woman that’s all feminine but plays all the sports that Dixie did

  • Brandon Steinbrenner
    Brandon Steinbrenner

    She would have been nothing without her sister.

  • Javix Pirel
    Javix Pirel


  • Ella aslani
    Ella aslani


  • Khloe morales
    Khloe morales

    i love that when charli came chase chaged

  • Karrne Eilish
    Karrne Eilish

    ADOrE tHe SHOES CHASE !!!!

  • yusra vrsevci
    yusra vrsevci

    is chase is charli is chacha

  • Priska Russanoff
    Priska Russanoff

    can you do a one with nick austin

  • F M
    F M

    It was payback😂😂😂😂✋🏼

  • clea olivier
    clea olivier


  • loukas loukas
    loukas loukas

    Carli is all the money

  • Sophie Rodriguez
    Sophie Rodriguez


  • Davion Flagg
    Davion Flagg


  • cand5680 cand5680
    cand5680 cand5680

    I love Chase so much

  • Júlia Pietra
    Júlia Pietra

    I love you Charlie

  • Raymond Rosario
    Raymond Rosario

    The nauseating cart etiologically offend because cord intringuingly expand modulo a alert square. funny, resonant afterthought

  • just kylee17
    just kylee17

    9:38 your four head

  • just kylee17
    just kylee17

    8:39 AND 8:21

  • just kylee17
    just kylee17

    10:50 when chase said how are you pawl

  • Paula Whittaker
    Paula Whittaker

    Dixie why didn’t you say Charlie as your closest person in hype house?!

    • Robert Phillips
      Robert Phillips

      Charli and Dixie ain’t in the hype house anymore. The left in may last year


    charli is so cute when she's looking at chase and dixie

  • Jenohn Lui
    Jenohn Lui

    When charil came down chase was nervous

  • Alana Klaasen
    Alana Klaasen

    I was in 6th grade



  • Klodi Prifti
    Klodi Prifti

    Wow Dixie i love you a charli i love you see

  • Marshmellow Cuytsie
    Marshmellow Cuytsie

    Charli: what’s my favorite color Dixie: every color. You don’t want to hurt the other color’s feelings

  • Majorette Dance Team
    Majorette Dance Team

    I really want chase and Charlie to get back with me who’s with me

  • Leila Tindle
    Leila Tindle


  • it's.Vasudha

    Everyone: hitting charli's head Meanwhile.......... Rebel: 8:25 MOM let's play!!

  • it's.Vasudha

    6:43 damn I got emotional at this part

  • jerilyn Mccallum
    jerilyn Mccallum

    Charli is so cute

  • Harvin Afdalxfgnhfcb
    Harvin Afdalxfgnhfcb

    Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahahaha 🤣🤣😂😂😅😂😂🤣🤣

  • Serena Quilligan
    Serena Quilligan

    Do Charley

  • Emma Elizabeth
    Emma Elizabeth

    I thought it was funny how chase was scared of Dixie and Charli when they first met

  • NatyBillieXD Watson D'amelio
    NatyBillieXD Watson D'amelio

    6:40 The Charli 😂😂

  • bong-hits-4-jesus

    When will Dixie come out

  • Dominga Pablo
    Dominga Pablo

    I just love when Charli and Dixie were lafing it was so funny

  • addisoxwrn

    The atmosphere is so cool that you don't buy something cool on purpose, but in your home clothes. In short, super, do not look at the stars🍧💕.

  • Lily Yue
    Lily Yue

    Dixie literally brought up things so well and it was so cute Dixie stroking charli’s hair

  • Valentina Wallen
    Valentina Wallen

    no entiendo ni madres pero lo amuuuuu

  • Jaia Nowbut
    Jaia Nowbut

    i know this is random but me amd charli both have a stigmatizm amd where taurus's

  • Mellany Victória
    Mellany Victória

    porque a la gente no le gusta el pobre charli 😭😔

  • guadalupegamertv roblox and animaljam
    guadalupegamertv roblox and animaljam

    Who else see charlies head on 6:45

  • Freestyle Chimps
    Freestyle Chimps

    POV: your clicking on all her vids to dislike


    Charlie looked at Chase like that😍

  • Isabela Baltazar
    Isabela Baltazar

    Uau entendi tudo que eles disseram kkkk

  • Nour Hesham
    Nour Hesham

    this made me laugh so much :)

  • Kristiāns Daniels
    Kristiāns Daniels

    This is so cringe and that guy is so gae

  • chacha forever
    chacha forever

    Some times I don't want to be happy

  • Lexi Powell
    Lexi Powell

    I don’t see why Charli and Dixie get hate because they are so funny and kind

  • Josh Streamer
    Josh Streamer

    Charly is disgusting

  • Milica Stevic
    Milica Stevic

    So basically Dixie said the tweet is true. So Jaden tried to hook up with her 👀

  • Hannah Jordan
    Hannah Jordan

    Who is here after 21st tampon💀👁👄👁

  • Haji Hayow
    Haji Hayow

    Hiii dixie 🤩

  • Sara Obeid
    Sara Obeid

    I love you Dixie

  • Tomáš Federle
    Tomáš Federle

    i live charli a dixie

  • Tomáš Federle
    Tomáš Federle

    i livw charli a dixie

  • Charli Aesthetic
    Charli Aesthetic

    Charli its so cute!!!!

  • Sophia Cloud
    Sophia Cloud

    *chase talking about the deepest moments of his life* dixie and charli: 👁👄👁

  • Elena Zadoyan
    Elena Zadoyan

    He’s so sweet omg I don’t understand how any one can hate him

  • Nevaeh Mitchell
    Nevaeh Mitchell

    Do bad baby