My Nose Surgery | Dixie D'Amelio
Hey guys!! So here's some behind the scenes of my nose surgery experience. I'm so happy I was able to get this done finally. Thanks so much to Dr. Raj Kanodia for doing such an amazing job and making me feel so comfortable from beginning to end!
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Dr. Raj Kanodia
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  • Michael Jameson
    Michael Jameson

    I like how she titled it nose surgery to cover up the fact it’s a nose job

  • tiktok compilation
    tiktok compilation

    These sisters are the same so cute charli nose broken dixie nose broken it is like they feel the same pain 😍

  • Jade Beaut
    Jade Beaut

    She looks so much older than 19

  • Bessy Agg
    Bessy Agg

    I love u Dixie❤❤❤

  • Kayliegh camille Caballero
    Kayliegh camille Caballero

    First of all where are the comments saying she copied her sister? Y'all keep barking at air😂😂

  • Charli Dixie
    Charli Dixie

    Are you okay 🥺

  • Terrel Govender
    Terrel Govender

    Release it please

  • Terrel Govender
    Terrel Govender

    I want to hear your new song

  • Cami Ienciu
    Cami Ienciu

    I'm sorry i love you

  • Brandon Steinbrenner
    Brandon Steinbrenner

    She would have been nothing without her sister.

  • Rachael Graham
    Rachael Graham

    This is such a lie dude. They're just acting like it's medical instead of cosmetic so their insurance will cover it because most insurance doesnt cover cosmetic surgery.

  • Vaibhavi Pant
    Vaibhavi Pant

    the doctor is indian!😭😭😭

  • Vinayak Vispute
    Vinayak Vispute

    Is Dr. Raj Kanodia Indian ?

  • Ljiljana Nikolic
    Ljiljana Nikolic

    brz oporavak

  • icy

    How come both of them broke their noses?

  • Cyan is sus
    Cyan is sus

    Girl you are still gorgeous.

  • Bobbie Carter
    Bobbie Carter

    Fake as hell.

  • samson donga
    samson donga

    i thaught charlie was the 1 who had nose surgery [no hate] ur my idol

  • Ava Idiot
    Ava Idiot

    I love that the man said he lied Dixies nose😂😂

  • Eushen lei Tabaldo
    Eushen lei Tabaldo

    Is she really has a nose surgery!?

  • Xander X
    Xander X

    I knew her nose looked different

  • Sonita Nawabi
    Sonita Nawabi

    i was sad at first but when you get better i was like omg yay!!!!!!

  • Asmr bubbles
    Asmr bubbles

    People say she copied Charli but she really needed the surgery but love you DIXIEEEEEE 🖤


    Why not just say “nose job”

  • JLew

    Omg the fact that people believe the lies these sisters are telling the public ... just say you hated your nose so you got a nose job . It’s not even that big of a deal .

  • Sereen ewasat
    Sereen ewasat


  • Veronica may
    Veronica may

    Doctor:so what brings u here today Me:😯waiting for mum to speak for me And I am literally 18

  • Evelyn Luan
    Evelyn Luan


  • Rosie Smith
    Rosie Smith

    I feel like it’s the d’amilos thing to brake their noses 👃


    3:30 I'm cat in the hat

  • Aesthetic ForeVer
    Aesthetic ForeVer

    it is hurts dixie

  • bunnylover4545

    bro what if the only side of your nose that work was clogged

  • Maria Clara Silva Souza
    Maria Clara Silva Souza

    you also broke your nose !!?

  • Sofia Batista
    Sofia Batista

    Mano eu lá já tinha um nariz perfeito, por que ela fez cirurgia?

  • Aans 1240
    Aans 1240

    i got braces bcs i couldnt breath properly. like i was breathing half of what any of u are breathing

  • Emma

    No one: Dixie: WhAt If ThEy AcCiDeNtLy ChOp My NoSe OfF 😂

  • Scarlett,s World
    Scarlett,s World

    What happened to dixes nose

  • Famous Tiktok ERS
    Famous Tiktok ERS

    how come when you die maybe you will not be accepted in heaven because you are known because you look different from before

  • Lily 111
    Lily 111

    Not Dixie coping Charlie with the nose surgery 🥱

    • nessasvrs

      Charil dose not own nose surgery🥱

    • Magi Georgieva
      Magi Georgieva

      She didn't copied Charli

  • Mariah Pearson
    Mariah Pearson

    *me thinking if there is something wrong with my nose nexause i have had alot of nose bleeds*

  • just jennika
    just jennika

    Dixie: "I take medication." Me: "I take medication so I can feel alright, but that voice in my head seems like it’s obsessed..."

    • just jennika
      just jennika

      @emi, It was just a joke. I’m sorry if you got offended or mad. I don’t mean it.

    • emi

      making fun of schizophrenia is so fun

  • Real _Laylah
    Real _Laylah

    Girl she biting her nails through her mask lol

  • Ariella Bernheim
    Ariella Bernheim

    Why was her nose bleeding so much

  • Sajid Patel
    Sajid Patel

    Are u in America Los Angeles

  • Sajid Patel
    Sajid Patel

    I really wish I could see you and Charli in real life 😘 love you but I am in England and I am from England i really wish I could see u in America but my mum said no I keep on begging her but also it’s COVID carona virus 🦠

  • Sajid Patel
    Sajid Patel


  • Sajid Patel
    Sajid Patel

    Hii Dixie I am so sorry about your nose hope you get well soon

  • kaileigh Vance
    kaileigh Vance

    i love the tip of your noes

  • daniel charlton
    daniel charlton

    This is funny


    U are a strong girl love u❤️❤️👍

  • Jennifer Bocking
    Jennifer Bocking

    i had my surgey i had the best sleep LOL i was loopy an di said yuhhh can we do it agen XDD btw yoyu look stuning good job

  • afreen silly
    afreen silly

    Are u okay

  • legey legey
    legey legey

    Are Dixie the Emilio and Charlie demilio Wayans sister

  • Sarah Marina
    Sarah Marina

    14 concussions omg im so sorry

  • Alondra Mora
    Alondra Mora

    I love you Dixie we are with you🥺😁💖

  • Leahhh L
    Leahhh L

    So did she have splints in too or was it just the cast she got off

  • Trenity Romo
    Trenity Romo


    • kevin ewolaeylgo
      kevin ewolaeylgo

      Exactly, Charli wasnt the first person to invent the nose job

  • cristyoutube 21
    cristyoutube 21

    disgusting 🤢🤮

  • Anna Nguyen
    Anna Nguyen

    Wait I thought only Charli broke her nose

  • luhvchars

    im glad dixie is better

  • Xx honeypotflower xX
    Xx honeypotflower xX

    Why is no one talking about why the doctor and Dixie aren’t wearing mask???

    • Xx honeypotflower xX
      Xx honeypotflower xX

      @Eabha O’Neill and ur comment does not make sense

    • Xx honeypotflower xX
      Xx honeypotflower xX

      @Eabha O’Neill the doctor dummy and when they were not doing the surgery or looking at her nose


    You got your nose surgery too?😱

  • Jayla Dotson
    Jayla Dotson

    Who that shark from shark tales now? No I’m just kidding but u did say the same to charli

  • Cari

    Let's talk about how their publicity and management teams use companies to drown bad publicity. You can't find an anti page, or a speck of bad news. I follow Bravo reality shows so there's always someone that has an opposition page or website. What celebrity nowadays (and two sisters) gets a nose job and no side-by-side comparison photos ANYWHERE?I'm just astounded at how often these companies are used to censor the full spectrum of information in search engines. Drowned with fake pages and manipulated algorithm to show preferred pages on top.

  • Chace L
    Chace L

    I have had 22 surgeries it suck and it’s not even scary for me any more and I’m only 12

  • Ellie Main
    Ellie Main

    I had to get a nose surgery aswell

  • Las amiguitas Alli&Mel
    Las amiguitas Alli&Mel

    Stop saying she copied Charlie Charlie doesn't own surgery

  • Mihai84 Mihai84
    Mihai84 Mihai84

    No 😔

  • Michelle Gamiz
    Michelle Gamiz

    14 concussions in sports? She must’ve been the worst player

    • Michelle Gamiz
      Michelle Gamiz

      @Niamh Wray yes the must effort

    • Niamh Wray
      Niamh Wray

      Or probably puts in the must effort out of her whole team??

  • Sandra Lamirande
    Sandra Lamirande

    i have a bump on my nose

  • &América&


  • Menaal Fatima
    Menaal Fatima

    You are soo sweet 😘 I love you

  • Eva Zanicka
    Eva Zanicka

    Poor Dixie🥺

  • Kaimi Fazeeh
    Kaimi Fazeeh

    i know im late at commenting but i watched this in the premire and so happy for you dixie :0 ;))))

  • KillerKai

    The doctor just stroking her head like 😂😭

  • Kendra H
    Kendra H

    I love you


    Sac:Dixie And Charli D'amelio i love

  • Dekoder Ward
    Dekoder Ward

    How Did u can't it as well dixe if charil had as well ?❤️😱😱💞

  • Mohammad Abbass
    Mohammad Abbass

    what is the freaking smoke thing

    • Magi Georgieva
      Magi Georgieva

      Idk 🤔

  • Gianna

    Poor dixie I want you to smile

  • a

    the doctor and his mask dude he should have been keeping it on the whole time and over his nose

  • chloe zhang
    chloe zhang

    that’s why their almost twins, they both did nose surgeries lol

  • Sean Q
    Sean Q

    Looking great Dixie

  • მარიამი


  • Cayden Armstrong élève
    Cayden Armstrong élève

    hey dixie your the bravest personne i know

  • Jemimah McKenzie
    Jemimah McKenzie

    GOD bless



  • el robot
    el robot

    dixi tu est tres couragese bravo

  • Chloe Wall
    Chloe Wall

    I got surgery on my nose to yesterday 😢😢😢

    • Chloe Wall
      Chloe Wall

      It feels really good thank you for asking about me 😊 let's be friends👍

    • Asna Asna
      Asna Asna

      How it feels after?

  • farhan khan
    farhan khan

    fake AF

  • Warda Shahel
    Warda Shahel


  • Madi

    Dr. Raj Kanodia: I lIke yOuR nOsE!?!?!

  • Maryam AlQamra
    Maryam AlQamra

    Oh man are you twins with charli broke her nose now you i feel so bad for both of you how do you have the same as charli love you ❤️

  • Only Watching
    Only Watching

    I LOVE dixie but why is t like she is coping charli and no hate i just want to know why bye

    • nessasvrs

      She not Charli dose not own nose surgery

  • Zéa Mirza-Sirois
    Zéa Mirza-Sirois

    wasnt it charli that had a broken nose?

    • Zéa Mirza-Sirois
      Zéa Mirza-Sirois

      @Winnifred Lewin thank you

    • Winnifred Lewin
      Winnifred Lewin


  • michael zeisler
    michael zeisler

    Sylvain Sylvain

  • RIP Mamba
    RIP Mamba

    they're literally using breathing as an excuse to get nose jobs...

    • Winnifred Lewin
      Winnifred Lewin

      No they are dixie git knocked with a ball and charli had an accident when dancing

  • No Face
    No Face

    You are absolutly beautiful too❤😉

  • Amaury Garzon-Losada
    Amaury Garzon-Losada

    love you dixi

  • Amaury Garzon-Losada
    Amaury Garzon-Losada

    ah dat is not good

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