Dixie D'Amelio - Roommates (Official Video)
Roommates by Dixie D'Amelio
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Director | Chandler Lass
Video Commissioner | Dominic West
Production Company | SixTwentySix Productions

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I got plenty of roommates
Even when I’m alone
I’ve never known any silence
They turn my head into home
And they keep me awake
With a vacancy sign

Yeah I got plenty of roommates
And they’re all in my mind
I try to be patient
Take medication
So I can feel alright

But that voice in my head
Seems like it’s obsessed
With keeping me up all night
Yeah it knows every part of me
And causes all my anxiety
It just ain’t fair
It shouldn’t be there
I’m overthinking lately
The pressure’s gonna break me
Feeling like everything’s changing
And I can’t control the situation
I got plenty of roommates
Even when I’m alone
I’ve never known any silence
They turn my head into home
And they keep me awake
With a vacancy sign

Yeah I got plenty of roommates
And they’re all in my mind
They say that I’m shy
Cuz most I days I try
To hide away and stay inside
Drown out the noise
By picking a poison
That makes me lose my mind
Start to think walls are caving in
I feel weaker than I’ve ever been
It just ain’t fair
I shouldn’t be scared
I’m overthinking lately
The pressure’s gonna break me
Feeling like everything’s changing
And I can’t control the situation
Yeah I
Try to kick em out
Try to turn em down
But they’re getting real loud
And I’m
Scared to know that they’re
Not going anywhere
But I’m not moving out I
Guess that I got to live with all these roommates
Guess that I got to live with all these roommates
I got plenty of roommates
Even when I’m alone
I’ve never known any silence
They turn my head into home
And they keep me awake
With a vacancy sign

Yeah I got plenty of roommates
And they’re all in my mind

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  • Mariah Woods
    Mariah Woods

    this is amazing, Dixie keep up the good work ☺

  • Mattea

    I love you so much dixie 💕

  • Manouuella

    E pensar q ela tá no Grammy, ela? E a Ari ñ kkk

  • Wmr Cats
    Wmr Cats

    Be christen

  • Steph G
    Steph G

    she's actually good, I am surprised

  • Kingbreezy

    Imagine coming here for tik tok and not because you think she a good singer........Imagine thinking she has bars.....Imagine finding talent in Charlie.......Imagine going up to Charlie and she says hi number........Imagine not using auto tune.......CHILL ITS A JOKE.....just haveing fun.......But it’s all facts.......IMAGINE

  • stanarianagrande

    lol horse

  • Jasper T.
    Jasper T.

    1:09 why does that shot make her look identical to ariana grande

  • Jesus Aguilera
    Jesus Aguilera


  • Jesus Aguilera
    Jesus Aguilera


  • Jesus Aguilera
    Jesus Aguilera


  • Jesus Aguilera
    Jesus Aguilera



    Meu Deus q música ruim

    • Manouuella

      Mds kkkk

  • Joe Tolentino
    Joe Tolentino


  • hxrryscherii


  • Sad And lonely
    Sad And lonely

    All the comments are so new

  • Dariya Petrova
    Dariya Petrova

    I LOVE YOU, Dixi. I LOVE, you songs, YOU IS PARFECT. YOU IS GOOD. I LOVE YOY. YOU IS SO SO SO SO SO CUTE. YOU STARS. I LOVE YOU. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😁😁😁😁😁😁😁💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Fizuny

    Does she sound like a guy or she just got someone else to sing the whole song🤔


    Hallo dixy I love ´it❤️

  • dunkins forever
    dunkins forever

    I love you

  • Evaggelia Damaskinidou
    Evaggelia Damaskinidou

    If u have sing this song this voise is the BEST i ever had listen

  • MK Billie
    MK Billie

    Charli or Dixie???? For me... Dixie Damélio

  • Harideep Avula 6A RN
    Harideep Avula 6A RN

    KSI beerus

    • Harideep Avula 6A RN
      Harideep Avula 6A RN


  • mariam ak
    mariam ak

    This whole music video from clothes to makeup to location screams billie like come on

  • Swevy Swevhoune
    Swevy Swevhoune


    • Manouuella


  • D/:1

    *I hate this*

  • Daniel Mika
    Daniel Mika


  • Hey_huddy


  • derpy potato
    derpy potato

    Absolute shit

  • iQuel R1zz1e
    iQuel R1zz1e

    its worst then the other songs cmon

  • Patience Ngoma
    Patience Ngoma

    My god this song is boring

  • RhyaLol! Mock
    RhyaLol! Mock

    So cool

  • Empress Amy
    Empress Amy

    idk know what the meaning of this song but i like it and the words are very very nice but i cant ubderstand it😑

  • Milian Gjojseter
    Milian Gjojseter

    i love the songe loooooooiooool

  • emily joy
    emily joy

    i like this song

  • Kylestewart 14
    Kylestewart 14

    Wow this isn't any better

  • Sydney Yates
    Sydney Yates

    Dixie you’re kicking ass. Like you’re really good

    • Sydney Yates
      Sydney Yates

      I made jack

    • Sydney Yates
      Sydney Yates

      And I’d love to link with you

    • Sydney Yates
      Sydney Yates

      I just have experience in this territory with jack Harlow

    • Sydney Yates
      Sydney Yates

      But let’s thank the ones the support you. YOU ARE VERY TALENTED

    • Sydney Yates
      Sydney Yates

      Please don’t stop. No matter whatever the bad fucks say

  • Sydney Yates
    Sydney Yates

    You’re musically talented and I come from that ... if that make sense. I’m stupid proud of you

  • Sydney Yates
    Sydney Yates

    Dixie don’t stop. I’m so proud of you.

  • Elizabeth Sanders
    Elizabeth Sanders

    i cant believe this is the only decent song she got but it’s written by demi😭

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User

    Im not a fan or her but i don’t hate her either, people are hating on her and spreading more negativity. Maybe she has a boring personality but that gives no reason to send her hate Love this song, it actually sounds really good!

  • 박성영

    Ngl my voice is better than her

  • Yesenia Perez
    Yesenia Perez

    i big fan of Dixie

  • Isamari Gomez
    Isamari Gomez

    She didn’t write the song it was Demi lovato sooo

  • Nickolas Williams
    Nickolas Williams

    I love this

  • Iram Nisa
    Iram Nisa

    I love this song

  • Bella Lipner
    Bella Lipner

    Her songs are just 1 word repeated with some autotune and background music.

  • Vea

    Not her thinking she's a singer because of Tiktok 😭

  • affy dd
    affy dd

    never heard this much autotune before

  • Russian Romanoff
    Russian Romanoff

    Fun fact: Demi wrote this song and it's based from a poem she wrote 💯

  • Jacob

    All that budget and such little talent😔💀

  • bri diaz
    bri diaz

    I love her so much

  • Bung_boi_mp4

    Yasss queen

  • Kurapika Kurta
    Kurapika Kurta

    she has potential and she could use it for real but this sounds really bland add some spice🤸

    • oliverker 13
      oliverker 13

      Yeah all she needs is a good voice and more talent

  • Melody Mubiayi
    Melody Mubiayi

    I swear this girl crying over the fact people call her charlis sister, yet her relevancy only occurs because she is charlis sister, like accept it.

  • Jasmine Harlan
    Jasmine Harlan

    Dressed like a rapper. But instead things a kidz bop song......she gets like everything why is she always sad

  • Uhlmann farm
    Uhlmann farm

    Hello :)

  • paula batour
    paula batour

    waw dixie your song is very beautuful. I love you 💜❤

  • Just Me
    Just Me


  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda

    Just came here to make sure I had disliked

  • s o f t p e a c h
    s o f t p e a c h

    guys please don’t hate her 😩 she is so cool 😎 pretending to be Billie and acting depressed 😢😭

  • Gabriela Gomes
    Gabriela Gomes

    i love this music omg

  • positivethinkingforbetterlife

    Where is the button : it inspires me?

  • Zunairah F
    Zunairah F

    This is sick dixie

    • Ariana G.
      Ariana G.

      The beat is sick

    • Just Me
      Just Me

      if you really don't like it LEAVE you don't have to hurt her feelings just cause you don't like her

    • Hey_huddy

      Stop with this she are sad stop please

  • Bessy Agg
    Bessy Agg

    I love all your songs. You have an amazing voice and you are my idol❤. Please guys stop the hate , she doesn't deserve hate

    • oliverker 13
      oliverker 13

      Lol she has a terrible voice it's literally autotune if u listen to it without it u will change Ur mind and she's literally do useless and has no talent she's just famous from her sister who is equally as Un talented

  • myzarryheart xo
    myzarryheart xo

    i wish demi sang this instead since she wrote it

  • Rumta Odisho
    Rumta Odisho

    wtf is this trash? lmfao she shouldn't be singing, even i can sing better? wtf dixie ahaha

  • Jonathan Boutet
    Jonathan Boutet


  • Confederate Pride
    Confederate Pride

    I cringed so hard listening to this s*** that I had to actually take a s***.

  • Confederate Pride
    Confederate Pride

    I guess when you're rich and clout chase on TikTok, you don't need talent. It's like they call anyone a tiktok star these days.

  • 《That One Rat 》
    《That One Rat 》

    This should b on kidz bop

  • Charlie D’Amelio Fan page 2
    Charlie D’Amelio Fan page 2

    Not the middle finger 😫

  • 12 76
    12 76

    There's so much autotune, you could identify what software they used

  • Mia Vidovic
    Mia Vidovic

    My second favorite song!!!!💕

  • ilixier

    what i thought she only sang my drip

  • David sworen
    David sworen

    This song is fire🔥🔥🔥 When it's on mute🌚🌝

  • baleraat 1
    baleraat 1

    ngl this better than wlr 😳


    I have Dissociative identity disorder and I relate to this song like crazy

  • vilkku v
    vilkku v

    I love youuu dixieee😍😍😍

    • David sworen
      David sworen

      Now take out the I and the e. Also can you remove the "you"

  • aylotally

    and they were roommates

  • DemonRizzy

    I didn’t expect this at ALL.

  • Amy Kasica
    Amy Kasica

    I don't understand is why do people give her so much hate when her and Larry's music videos are freaking top notch and this song and old one whole day is my best like my go-to song and canceled like that's on period so

  • A dance divas life Presents
    A dance divas life Presents

    Is this song about her haters?

  • Mk Syria26
    Mk Syria26

    Wtf all her songs have different voices

  • Miriam Cardenas
    Miriam Cardenas

    I love your music 🎶 ❤ ♥ 💕 😍

  • Candlesk

    congrats on an INCOMING 2 decades of living? lol

  • Dino Chvrz
    Dino Chvrz


  • Katerina Vlachou
    Katerina Vlachou

    Post sth different your songs are all the same

  • Emma Wagner
    Emma Wagner

    i love it. congratulations dixie !

  • Kenia Perla
    Kenia Perla

    Your sister

  • Kenia Perla
    Kenia Perla

    Is Charli d'amillo

    • Hey_huddy


  • Kaitlyn Milner
    Kaitlyn Milner

    The sad thing is that I can’t stop crying while listening to this song! This song is literally me! Ever word explains! The fact that it’s like the thoughts are obsessed with keeping me up all night, and I tried to get medication that the doctor recommended, but it scared me, and I have very bad anxiety that makes everything worse! This song is like it came straight from the inside of me.😔

    • David sworen
      David sworen

      Exactly it represents that you're effortless and lazy like her

  • nipple jutsu sensei.
    nipple jutsu sensei.

    the lyrics are cool but she sounds like she’s singing it through her bowels.

    • oliverker 13
      oliverker 13

      This song sucks balls her voice is terrible it's just autotune she has 0 talent

    • jayda pickersgill
      jayda pickersgill

      Shut up omg

  • Madison Haydar
    Madison Haydar

    you are the best singer

    • Hey_huddy


  • Kaleb ASMR
    Kaleb ASMR

    This song is a hit and same with one whole day, y’all are sleeping on her she’s actually really good and the lyrics in this song have a deep meaning too.

    • my Legolas
      my Legolas

      She didn't even write this song

    • Shimmering Moonlight
      Shimmering Moonlight

      Honestly I wish people would put aside their hate and try to enjoy the song cause enjoying the song doesn't directly support the creator

    • Regina xoxo
      Regina xoxo

      Exactly... It the same people who don't even write music or sing...

  • Hamida Ghennam
    Hamida Ghennam


  • Hamida Ghennam
    Hamida Ghennam


  • Hamida Ghennam
    Hamida Ghennam

    دبسي د1

  • Yara Antar
    Yara Antar

    Dixie the song is really awesome thank you for all effort that you do ♥️love you so much ♥️

  • Chaton cute
    Chaton cute

    Love ❤