The Dixie D'Amelio Show With James Charles
Hey guys! When is it a not great conversation when @James Charles! I'm so thankful for our friendship and being able to sit and talk with you! Thanks for coming on the show!!! I hope you all enjoy!!!
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  • larkyn davies
    larkyn davies


  • Aurvlxnii

    Dix in the thumbnail: :D James: *fashionista and beauty guru unlocked*

  • lauren


  • Yohanna Polanco
    Yohanna Polanco

    I’m sorry for Dixie but she is so ugly for Noah he deserves better that’s why we have sister james

  • Ghia Demashkiah
    Ghia Demashkiah

    Dixie “why am I second 😭” me “because he he has a “crush” on James “

  • Nicole Antivo
    Nicole Antivo

    James:hAi nOAh... *Noah kisses Dixie's forehead* James: 😐where's my forehead kiss....😉😏

  • alina herdt
    alina herdt

    0:08 crack voice BAHAHA😂😂

  • Corrode

    Hi sisters!

  • ella fitzpatrick
    ella fitzpatrick

    Hey dix I’m a big fan of u my user on TikTok is flower__dixie 🥺❤️

  • milkshake.summer


  • Laura Litvina
    Laura Litvina

    i feel sorry for james

  • Journae Baker
    Journae Baker

    Dixie reminds me of my little sister 😂❤️

  • Robin Smith
    Robin Smith

    Oh hey Charlie

  • vibe.

    dixie's collab's are energetic and fun... charli's are kinda cringe

  • Duckling Baby
    Duckling Baby

    This outfit is so not james??

  • i play roblox
    i play roblox


  • Hennesees Manzano
    Hennesees Manzano

    Yes or no one likes your videos

  • Summer McClurg
    Summer McClurg

    Hi sisters


    I got Dixie D’Amelio do you have a UZload channel

  • Aaliyah Miller
    Aaliyah Miller

    Hi What are you the one I was just singing with I love your videos🦔


    dixie didnt even talk hahaha


    if james died we would all cry so bad

  • Lily Yue
    Lily Yue

    James makeup was good in this actually it always is

  • Katie Cane
    Katie Cane

    James: Hi sisters! I finally got the invite👁💋👁.............months laterrrrrrrR 👁💋👁..............................are you waiting for the plane or you just don’t know what to say👁💋👁... Me:🤣

  • Ss Cx
    Ss Cx

    At least James Charles has talent and works hard...Dixie does what exactly...?

  • Matteo super Jeux
    Matteo super Jeux

    Se garçon est une fille ou quoi!!!

  • Risa D'souza
    Risa D'souza

    Omg wow James is SUCH a good mentor😊

  • Risa D'souza
    Risa D'souza

    James' rant is so fun to.listen to😂😂

  • Bea M
    Bea M

    wowwwwwww james has such a good speaking voice

  • Mason Berry
    Mason Berry

    Honestly in my opinion I feel like when james said "Where's my forehead kiss." I think he took it to far. And on Noah's vid they asked if Noah was sexually attracted to him. That is weird and they are taking it to far in my opinion.

  • Zita Csábri
    Zita Csábri

    Pls next : Mads Lewis

  • Gaming Crew YT
    Gaming Crew YT

    James Charles looks funny

  • Alissa Mandler
    Alissa Mandler


  • Mirayarvas

    Ohh poor Dixie

  • Rose Bryant
    Rose Bryant

    Why James

  • Livinia Donnelly
    Livinia Donnelly

    James talks faster then I run to get ice cream

  • Ashley Welborn
    Ashley Welborn

    The pizza analogy had me dead

  • g m
    g m

    i could listen him talking for like hours 😳😳 that’s so relaxing and he’s so smart, talented and intelligent i love him since 2018

  • Lejla Fazlija
    Lejla Fazlija


  • Itsyourgirl Cherry
    Itsyourgirl Cherry

    I love flashback marry 😂😂 I love you guys so much stay strong and there’s haters but i feel if you push them out the way.

  • iiAzzyplayz

    12:36 and I oop-

  • Ellie Kontoss
    Ellie Kontoss

    james is so so intelligent omg

  • Areesha love
    Areesha love

    Posted on my b'day 😀😁😀😁😀😁😀

  • Only Watching
    Only Watching

    ✨WhErE mY fOrHeAd KiSs ✨

  • Only Watching
    Only Watching

    I agree with James with everything

  • Aluna Ta Vines
    Aluna Ta Vines

    If I'm front of james listening I totally need a subtitle to understand what he saying cuz totally he's so fast ft intelligent! Lmao.....

  • Seppe De Clercq
    Seppe De Clercq

    Just realized that james compared charli's followers with pizza's but on the funniest way

  • Samar Fatima Khan
    Samar Fatima Khan

    Be Muslim if you want...

  • Nish


  • Madison Andersen
    Madison Andersen

    “It’s crazy to think that I’ve lasted this long” you can tell he takes nothing for granted. :)

  • Madison Andersen
    Madison Andersen

    Can someone please get James a podcast!


    You can tell James is intelligent But u can tell Dixie is like LET ME GET A WORD IN

  • Nevaeh Jones
    Nevaeh Jones

    James talking about Pizzas made me hungry

  • Brigita Totu
    Brigita Totu

    E cineva român?😂

  • Random Tik toks
    Random Tik toks

    He got on my nerves like hes flerting with noah infront of dix

  • Elvie Mutya
    Elvie Mutya

    James Charles is Jealous

  • Annabelle

    Hi Dixie and James!

  • Juan Valadez
    Juan Valadez

    Que asco

  • Igor Gonçalves
    Igor Gonçalves


  • allaroundMM2

    Why does James look like kris Jenner in this video IMAO

  • Leah Guzman
    Leah Guzman

    I can tell that Dixie is a little jealous

  • KSA 522
    KSA 522


  • H-Althabit Riyadh
    H-Althabit Riyadh

    Like seriously

  • H-Althabit Riyadh
    H-Althabit Riyadh

    Is that a boy or a girl LOL 😂 no one want to be his girlfriend

  • Yasmina Mahfouz
    Yasmina Mahfouz

    Dixe: why iam secand Noah: kiss dixe on her forhead James: were is my forhead kiss

  • Aqsa Amir
    Aqsa Amir


    • Saline

      Tf is your problem?


    You know what, Dixie is inarticulate because you know like she gets too nervous about everything on camera , she says something blah blah blah blah and this portrays her as rude and a mean person and sometimes her nervousness portrays her like a liar now and that’s it that’s why she gets into trouble often.

  • Jutta Stroeble
    Jutta Stroeble

    You are so cute 😗😗😗😗 and i Love Your Tik Toks😍😍😍😍

  • aisling swaine
    aisling swaine

    dixie where do you shop for your clothes what shop do u go or shop on I love your clothes so much

  • schleich love 1millon
    schleich love 1millon

    That is mean Dixie is left out why those to gay Bose look each other in the eye Noah if you love James leave Dixie alone because one day you will hurt her

  • Medicaded Crackson
    Medicaded Crackson

    Ew she didnt mix the caramel macchiato

  • Jaundice Branford
    Jaundice Branford

    Tell James I love you so much

  • abby roblox
    abby roblox

    James's :hi sisters I finnaly got the invite Me, lol

  • It's me
    It's me

    Dixie said: Why am I second 🥺 ?

  • Lila Yolacan
    Lila Yolacan

    Hi Dixi'Demilo you and charli'Demilo are the best tik toksers :-D

  • Amy Lee
    Amy Lee

    13:33 Look at james

  • Amy Lee
    Amy Lee

    Da doggggoooooo

  • Jessica Corkin
    Jessica Corkin


  • Taqdees Shaikh
    Taqdees Shaikh

    Everyone - *listening* Me - woah the shoes are soo nice🙂🙂

  • Sophia Ezzeddine
    Sophia Ezzeddine


  • Holly DR
    Holly DR

    Special is a spot on word... for the D'Amelios. James ran this, and her "show." She just sat there giving no input.

  • Christopher Owusu Mensah
    Christopher Owusu Mensah

    Live it

  • Jani Thompson
    Jani Thompson

    5:13 has me dead

  • Bianca Teano
    Bianca Teano

    12:03 "hI nOah" that little, subtle voice crack woke me up right away

  • Bianca Teano
    Bianca Teano

    "nOaH, where's my forehead kiss?" -James Charles

  • Bianca Teano
    Bianca Teano

    Who else feels like this was more of a therapy than your normal therapy?

  • Sinut na prezidenta
    Sinut na prezidenta

    If James wanst acting so gay and kinda cringey he would make a very good man with this intelligence

  • Mrteo_Dov

    So cringe😐

  • Frankie Blake
    Frankie Blake

    Awwwww cute dogs love them Dixie it would mean the world to me if you noticed me and I love your voice you are not Charli’s sister you are Dixie but you are also charli sister and if you notice me that would mean the world to me and I love you and your family lot of love from me 🥰🥰

  • Nayana

    Wait isn't James the guest? lol

  • shajini Ravitharan
    shajini Ravitharan

    whoever ends up with james is so lucky

  • Kamila Suarez Malave
    Kamila Suarez Malave

    Jamesss 😊😊😊😊

  • Cappy forever
    Cappy forever

    Humm its sad to see that a boy looks even more girl than the actually girl

    • Elvin & Bre
      Elvin & Bre


  • balaskoo

    dixie very barely apologized

  • Rachael Gabriella
    Rachael Gabriella

    James: -makes kissy face at Noah- Me: -replays it because i am lonely and single-

  • Rachael Gabriella
    Rachael Gabriella

    Not the cute flirting at the end lol

  • Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee

    James and Dixie Is so Wholesome and Amazing and they are just pretty Cool and this show is cool


    Dixie laughs more when games is around

  • Anushka Gill
    Anushka Gill

    when going to do another one of the dixie damelio shows (you should do one with bryce hall)

  • Victoria Mitchell
    Victoria Mitchell

    When Noah hugged James first Dixie-🥺🥺 why am I second