The Dixie D'Amelio Show with Addison Rae
Hey guys! This week on the Early Late Show, without further ado, Addison Rae!
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  • ItsJustLex !
    ItsJustLex !

    Addison laugh 0:16

  • ItsJustLex !
    ItsJustLex !

    Addison laugh 😆 0:18

  • Loren tutorials
    Loren tutorials

    Addison : that’s soo funny Addisons face : 😑😐

  • Brandon Steinbrenner
    Brandon Steinbrenner

    She would have been nothing without her sister.

  • Madelin J
    Madelin J

    Dixie : “i hAvE sTYle😩😘🤪” Also Dixie: “us 3 are so basic”

  • Efe_gamezz 66
    Efe_gamezz 66


  • Sinaiyito Reyes
    Sinaiyito Reyes

    Addison has the most cute adorable laugh omg so cute 💕🤗😍

  • Anupama Kashyap
    Anupama Kashyap

    I think dixie and addison are best friends

  • barbare kopaliani
    barbare kopaliani


  • Austin Stout
    Austin Stout

    Lets just make this whole video of Addison wapping

  • Devin Huff
    Devin Huff

    Did Charlie even get a fine for under age vaping

  • Ibtissem Ben Salah
    Ibtissem Ben Salah


  • kim- niama
    kim- niama

    💕💕💕💕💕💕 love you adisson et charli et dixci

  • kim- niama
    kim- niama

    love you adisson

  • kim- niama
    kim- niama

    love you

  • Jayla Dotson
    Jayla Dotson

    Addison and Dixie:laughing cause they both had the same crush Me:laughing very hard Also Me:*acually laughing at addisons laugh the whole video LMAO*

  • Imaan Ib
    Imaan Ib

    I feel like these were the days ALL of them were truly happy. Not being overloaded with hate, or anything like that. I wish people would realise they are all human :(

  • Zahraa Bashir
    Zahraa Bashir

    Me: why didnt she put charlis socials in the bio Me in 2hrs: because everyone knows her

  • Pedraza Sarita
    Pedraza Sarita

    Did anybody see addison look at dixie down when dixie said blind fold

  • Amal AMAZOUZ
    Amal AMAZOUZ

    Dixie love you

  • AriellaTheRobloxer


  • Alya Cumur
    Alya Cumur

    İ mis them

  • طيف قيمز
    طيف قيمز

    Continue in this series hahaha laugh more with Charlie and with you all but more Charlie and Adison dad the name of her channel

  • It's me
    It's me

    How Addison laughs 😀😃😄😁😆

  • roblox and tiktokmashups
    roblox and tiktokmashups

    At the start was I the only one who was watching the dog go up the stairs

  • Jade Wells
    Jade Wells

    Is abbidon and Charlie still good Friends

  • Lauren Harris
    Lauren Harris

    charlie mom let her wear dose pants ? guess so my mom would crucify me

  • Erin O'Callaghan
    Erin O'Callaghan

    There’s a freaking hole in the back of Charli’s jeans

    • Hava Karaaliev
      Hava Karaaliev

      I thought i was the only one that saw that lmaooo

  • Julija Sun
    Julija Sun

    can we just say, that when dixie said that she had bryce before addison, that she was crushing on bryce at that time. and u can see it in her eyes when dix said the name

  • Paula Pérez Rosa
    Paula Pérez Rosa


  • Jorja-kay streeter
    Jorja-kay streeter

    quin casually doing her hair in the middle of the video


    its the dog going up stairs @0:39

  • gulnaz farooq
    gulnaz farooq

    I saw a whole in Charli’s pant on her but

    • Leah Carey
      Leah Carey

      Why were u looking there

  • Jamie AS
    Jamie AS

    Dixie and Charli's laugh is amazing

  • Rwendeye Shyaka
    Rwendeye Shyaka

    brycehall typing...........

  • Jayla Dotson
    Jayla Dotson

    Everyone has been waiting for Addison Rae lol


    House tour ,plese,plese.plese.plese.plese.plese.plese

  • Ellie’s Kitchen
    Ellie’s Kitchen

    I’m not feeding you soap - Dixie d’amelio 2020

  • Kira skater
    Kira skater

    wtf charli's jeans lol (no hate)

  • Lena Marmarinou
    Lena Marmarinou


  • Abby Koeche;
    Abby Koeche;

    me when Addieson ate that cheese stick tho LMAO "eww its rubber"

  • Letibase Letibase
    Letibase Letibase

    Dixie ❤ Me 🖤

    • Letibase Letibase
      Letibase Letibase

      Dixie Perfect Addisson perfecte Charlie perfecte ME 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤😖😞😟

  • Riayon Gill
    Riayon Gill

    0:39 is anyone going to talk about how perfectly the dog went up the stairs

    • star 7484
      star 7484


    • MrTOmSt3R

      Flawless execution

  • el-coffee gacha
    el-coffee gacha

    I WUV U

  • Isra Raheen
    Isra Raheen

    I find it so cute the way their just having their cute girl talk like won't they be the best besties?!?

  • Dixie TheQueen
    Dixie TheQueen

    Dixie:😁😁😁 Addi:🤣🤣🤣 Me:🤔🤨

  • Raegan Yeadon
    Raegan Yeadon

    i love you guys my biggest dream is to meet you!

  • MysticcxGalaxyシ

    I have the same pet peeve as Dixie



  • Jordan Jumbo
    Jordan Jumbo


  • james james
    james james

    Dixie always comfy

  • Sona dixx
    Sona dixx

    LES FRANÇAIS 💚❤️🤎🖤💜💙💛🤍🇫🇷

  • hanan mar9
    hanan mar9

    في عرب 🙂🙂؟

  • agatha

    meu casal😍 // my couple 😍

  • Napo

    The real question here is WTF ARE THOSE SHOES/SANDALS?

  • AddisonRaee MyLove
    AddisonRaee MyLove

    u should invite MrBeast ❤️

  • Cassidy

    Troy watching this like: 👁👄👁

  • Leke Dodmasej
    Leke Dodmasej

    Hiii from Albania❤

  • alyssa hornsby
    alyssa hornsby

    Please tell me someone WHAT SHOES IS DIXIE WEARING!? I need them!

  • Ryan H
    Ryan H

    Addisons shoes are rocking the outfit aren't they I love em

  • karolina purar
    karolina purar


  • ashley nicole papa
    ashley nicole papa

    I’d be soo lucky if I was one of those dogs and just look at them till they said hi

  • Анастасія Білокопита
    Анастасія Білокопита

    I love you 💕💕😽😽💕

  • Maria Torres
    Maria Torres

    Hey Charlie you and Addison friends now

  • Taperra -
    Taperra -


  • Ella Galvin
    Ella Galvin

    Okay why are they all soooo pretty?

  • Kekoa Kaltved
    Kekoa Kaltved

    Quens laugh lol

  • Jerry Zamorano
    Jerry Zamorano

    9:02 😂😂😂😂

    • Maggie Jones
      Maggie Jones

      What? It just ended

  • Magi MT
    Magi MT

    Dixie,I've heard that you and Addison are cousins,isn't it?

  • Mohammad Ali Raja
    Mohammad Ali Raja

    "Now let's try food!!!"has too be my favourite part

  • Mohammad Ali Raja
    Mohammad Ali Raja

    The start:awkward silence

  • Sofia star lala
    Sofia star lala

    Dixie❤, Addison ❤, Charlie's ❤

  • Super N
    Super N

    2021 anyone?

  • Lecrecia Jacobs
    Lecrecia Jacobs

    Are you cousins

  • Jacqueline Ward
    Jacqueline Ward

    Very happy ✨😝💜

  • Digital Girly
    Digital Girly

    I think I need a new funny bone mine just broke😂😂😫😅😂

  • Tyler Wedin
    Tyler Wedin

    This is the weirdest chick

  • Maryan Abdikadir
    Maryan Abdikadir

    Troy troy

  • Nicole Peverada
    Nicole Peverada

    Love your sweatshirt

  • aesthetic with lene
    aesthetic with lene

    00:59 made me think of addison saying: Boyfriend im nervous btw ill appreciate of u would go check out my charli and addi fp: poutychvq

  • Alesia Anderson
    Alesia Anderson

    Addisons laugh is just so positive i hope one day i get to meet her dixie and charli xx 😁😅

  • Gali Garcia
    Gali Garcia

    Make them longer lol

  • Lillie Kelley
    Lillie Kelley

    It was funny

  • Moodi Z
    Moodi Z

    Dixie your boring

  • Jeffrenz

    Dixie Jane Damelio you had Bryce as a boy

  • Zayla Cassidy
    Zayla Cassidy

    who else noticed charlis jeans/shorts NOT VERY APROPREAT AT ALL

    • Zayla Cassidy
      Zayla Cassidy

      @barbie bitch well if nobody asked then why did u read it

    • barbie bitch
      barbie bitch

      appropriate* and no one asked

  • Maddy P
    Maddy P

    Dixie should bring Bryce hall or avani to her show or maybe Bebe rexha bc her and charli are close

  • Genie McCoy
    Genie McCoy

    i love addi plz tell her like her i like her very much

  • Lina Armbruster
    Lina Armbruster

    How Long do Dixie and Charlie know Addison?

    • barbie bitch
      barbie bitch

      one day

  • kayla bowen
    kayla bowen

    Addison was uncomfortable talking about bryce

  • I have no name
    I have no name

    I love their personalities 😂😍❤️

  • Emily Savannah Strydom
    Emily Savannah Strydom

    Nobody: Cyril Ramaphosa: 3:22 (South Africans know!)

  • Tay’s fun World
    Tay’s fun World

    Lol this duo is awesome

    • barbie bitch
      barbie bitch

      no it isnt

  • Ivanina Stankova
    Ivanina Stankova

    Hello Dixie hello Addison a Charlie Lupe

  • Kayla Edwards
    Kayla Edwards

    Dixies laugh just is sooooo cute 😊 oh

  • Moonfaries_ Jk
    Moonfaries_ Jk

    ✨my skin is sensitive✨

  • tourlif X
    tourlif X

    None of these people are talented or interesting at all

  • alexis fernandez
    alexis fernandez

    Am I the only one who noticed Addison wearing her shoes on the chair 😭 I’m sorry butttt 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Alvaro Hernandez
    Alvaro Hernandez


  • Nikki Damian
    Nikki Damian

    This was the most awkward thing I have ever watched