Dixie D'Amelio

Dixie D'Amelio
Dixie D'Amelio

  • Camila Valverde
    Camila Valverde

    This is so embarrassing

  • God Warrior
    God Warrior

    Is this what is actually going on in your life Dixie

  • Kingbreezy

    Imagine coming here for tik tok and not because you think she a good singer........Imagine thinking she has bars.....Imagine finding talent in Charlie.......Imagine going up to Charlie and she says hi number........Imagine not using auto tune.......CHILL ITS A JOKE.....just haveing fun.......But it’s all facts.......IMAGINE

  • Potato Salad
    Potato Salad

    POV; you are only watching this for wiz khalifas part

  • Emily Salmieri
    Emily Salmieri

    Ok, but why were Dixie and Griffin so awkward. O.o. Also Ok, Jason, with that mentoring moment!

  • Slick Trademarc
    Slick Trademarc

    Who is here from Tim Dillon?

  • André Acuña
    André Acuña

    Aquí esta el único comentario en español q vas a ver xd

  • Marcelo Martinez
    Marcelo Martinez

    i have actual depression for him

  • Allan Fabricio Marquez Vasquez
    Allan Fabricio Marquez Vasquez

    Hey board the same thing but

  • Luna Draven
    Luna Draven

    Im here to watch the comments😌

  • Gied Khloe Kio-isen
    Gied Khloe Kio-isen

    I think you just copied theme of ice cream and lovesick girls.... From blackpink

  • Jalayah Gibbs
    Jalayah Gibbs

    I love u dixie happy birthday your amazing and dont care wut people say stay safe and I LOVE UUUUUu

  • Handy Handy
    Handy Handy

    bE hAppY ...:^

  • D4rk Cherries
    D4rk Cherries

    Wait bro I'm still confused after like 2 months of watching thisss, wut was on the paper Dixie got????

  • raquel valencia
    raquel valencia

    Ame la cara de charli en 2:22

  • Shayaan

    Yo can someone jus clarify if she was feeling sad i’m not sure if i can tell

  • Arely Lopez Monsivais
    Arely Lopez Monsivais

    im crying ;(

  • Pia

    2:14 el momento q todos buscan xde

  • Epic Dog Sammy
    Epic Dog Sammy

    singing in a mansion and insane pool..... about depression ?? DURING THIS PERIOD IN TIME MS.PRIVILAGE ?!

  • bella Peaches
    bella Peaches

    Ok but i liked the blanket

  • stanarianagrande

    lol horse

  • Primeros Videos
    Primeros Videos

    Dixie usa bots su hermana tambien

  • Cxcount_honey

    Who’s watching in 2021? No one just me ok

  • Marco Martínez
    Marco Martínez

    grol you r cool im a grol ok 😁😘✌️


    Addison Rae is a good friend

  • •Rafa Bloxy Gamesツ
    •Rafa Bloxy Gamesツ

    A música:💖🥰🌟🎈🌈✨🎀🎨🩰🔮 O clipe:😠🕶🧥🎱🌑🏴🖤

  • • a r i •
    • a r i •

    catch the eyes of 12 year old kids and your career is set.

  • Mindy Strube
    Mindy Strube

    This whole video is an advertisement for LG phones when they all have apple phones

  • coolgirlpiggybank Your local Roblox nerd!
    coolgirlpiggybank Your local Roblox nerd!

    Dixie: this is my sister Charli not sure if ya know her. Me: ... Nope not at all!

  • Jasper T.
    Jasper T.

    1:09 why does that shot make her look identical to ariana grande

  • Clarissa Perez
    Clarissa Perez

    Who else laughing when Dixie bom Charles head hard and there mom got mad at Dixie and charli did the same so Dixie screamed my hand slIPED 😂😂😂😂

  • Izzy World
    Izzy World

    👸🏽 👗 👠

  • Bevin Phipps
    Bevin Phipps

    the songs are getting better , i must say

  • Nandi Stawert
    Nandi Stawert

    Yasss queen like yassssss

  • Amanda Levie
    Amanda Levie

    Thank you so much Dixie. You inspire me so much!🙂if you didn’t do the things you do I wouldn’t know what to do

  • Sophia Velazquez
    Sophia Velazquez

    Is it just me or does all of theme look stuning

  • Nandi Stawert
    Nandi Stawert

    Omg stop the hate u know u be jaming to this she is amazing

  • Agueda Jacqueline Moreira Sosa
    Agueda Jacqueline Moreira Sosa

    Alguien habla español además de mi?

  • Michael Jameson
    Michael Jameson

    I like how she titled it nose surgery to cover up the fact it’s a nose job

  • Reyber Gaming
    Reyber Gaming

    que asco de video

  • Jesus Aguilera
    Jesus Aguilera


  • Jesus Aguilera
    Jesus Aguilera


  • Jesus Aguilera
    Jesus Aguilera


  • Jesus Aguilera
    Jesus Aguilera


  • fabriBA

    Lo mismo pero más barato

  • Elizabeth Grigioni
    Elizabeth Grigioni

    i think dixie's and chase because they did the basic pumpkin

  • Pavel novy
    Pavel novy

    dixie damelio wins...

  • فانز مصعب المالكي
    فانز مصعب المالكي

    happy birthday dixi I love you so much 💗 😭💕me from 🇴🇲 i love you dixi💕

  • Kim Jong-Un is my sugar daddy.
    Kim Jong-Un is my sugar daddy.

    Come on, she's not that bad

  • eugenie gomes
    eugenie gomes

    even the Billie Eilish doc wasn't this dramatic LMFAO

  • mack elizabeth
    mack elizabeth

    the second hand embarrassment

  • redshift912


  • dario_gamer


  • Marita Naqshbandi
    Marita Naqshbandi

    Dixie huge fannnn and also sometimes I just don’t wanna be happy don’t hold it against me

  • Usman

    She thought she done something with this song 😭

  • Valeria LopesVieira
    Valeria LopesVieira

    I feel bad for people that are being forced to listen to the song because it's terrible

  • shinsou

    Not people with actual talent getting less views than this 😐

  • lianna mendoza
    lianna mendoza

    they have been are you in the whole video

  • Sofia Barrera
    Sofia Barrera

    I wouldn’t be happy either if this was my art and I was only famous cuz of my sister geez

  • Robloxian ChocoUwU
    Robloxian ChocoUwU

    Why are people ignoring chase 😭

  • Mariana Morales
    Mariana Morales


  • Ashley Prentice
    Ashley Prentice

    "let me be sad" *enters clip of her smiling while playing with a dog*


    Algum brasileiro ?

  • Rishainely Martha
    Rishainely Martha

    I think did Dixie is the 3 st Baucus she is a chieter she don t like he sister

  • Rishainely Martha
    Rishainely Martha

    And the 3 st its Dixie and chase

  • Rishainely Martha
    Rishainely Martha

    2 st its James Charles and Noah beck

  • Rishainely Martha
    Rishainely Martha

    Charli and Larry won

  • Alyea Hummel
    Alyea Hummel

    Do tjay next

  • Ella Yt irwin123
    Ella Yt irwin123

    She looks so happy with noah beck but no hate on griffin

  • Perry prupp
    Perry prupp

    Ok hear me out I saw ppl joking about this on tik tok and wanted to se the por car she was bullying

  • Selehadin Ahmed
    Selehadin Ahmed


    Meu Deus q música ruim

  • Kayleigh Carroll
    Kayleigh Carroll

    I have been listening to this all weekend it is such a good and catchy song

  • pretzel gloss
    pretzel gloss

    When chase said “your forehead” it made me happy cause when chase and charli use to date chase would always kiss charli there😂

  • Aixa eden Vallejo sanchez
    Aixa eden Vallejo sanchez

    Hello dixie damelio 🥰

  • agusgonza108

    Lo mismo pero más barato

  • Joe Tolentino
    Joe Tolentino


  • C.E Rojas
    C.E Rojas

    She a hella good singer and she cute

  • Milena Pegarido
    Milena Pegarido

    She said a lot of the bad words

  • hxrryscherii