Dixie D'Amelio

Dixie D'Amelio
Dixie D'Amelio

  • cool kids
    cool kids

    Just because she's successful doesnt mean she's not allowed to be depressed. Britney Spears, Demi Lavato, Lyndsey Lohan. God, guess we're telling ppl how their allowed to feel based on their financial status

  • Ligia Castellanos
    Ligia Castellanos

    Dixie eres una joven muy emprendedora amable humilde sencilla y sobretodo tu belleza es haci al natural saludos desde Guatemala🙏🏼

  • Γεωργια Κουρογλου
    Γεωργια Κουρογλου

    Why dixie and james like this too charli 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺💔💔💔😔😔😔😔😔

  • Viesa Pasaporte
    Viesa Pasaporte

    Everybody hate Hailey until they heard her talk. A QUEEN!

  • Madeleine Piggott
    Madeleine Piggott

    poor noah

  • sandy p
    sandy p

    The graffiti is such a good idea !!!

  • Storm Empire
    Storm Empire

    If this were twitter they would be spamming get a real jobs in the comments

  • STREAM PLASTIC HEARTS by miley cyrus
    STREAM PLASTIC HEARTS by miley cyrus

    dixie having charli’s book in the back is so loving 🥰

  • Goaty Zeller
    Goaty Zeller


  • Fajr Al-rashidi
    Fajr Al-rashidi

    I love this so much

  • Xande

    You don't know what your show is called?👌

  • Chilory14

    this has more Views than Taylor Swifts Cardigan💀 Yall missing out something

  • Claire Breier
    Claire Breier

    ngl haileys voice calms me and my anxiety down

  • Hendrix Albana
    Hendrix Albana

    Skip to 3:19 for the best part

  • Skyline

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  • Trinity Doucette
    Trinity Doucette

    I like this song so much that I listen to it everyday

  • Justine Nguyen
    Justine Nguyen

    i like her eyebrows I think we needed some positivity on this video lol

  • Sk1nny. leg6nd
    Sk1nny. leg6nd

    I like how each guest on the show can spray paint their name on the wall

  • Deep Grewal
    Deep Grewal

    It’s it’s gonna be OK

  • Speedy Pete
    Speedy Pete

    First video of this Dixie chick. Her voice is terrible and personality ugly

    • Xande

      For real

  • Sebastian Breier
    Sebastian Breier

    You can tell Dixie definitely has some Social anxiety. She’s a little awkward, I can tell. I’m the same way lol If I had my own talk show I have no idea what I would say

  • Lauren

    This is the last girl who should interview people, she has no actual vocabulary and she’s so unpleasant to listen to....

  • serendipity


  • FaZed_ 1
    FaZed_ 1

    Watching the wear Air Jordan Ones make me not want to even wear Jordans no more

  • joselin santos
    joselin santos

    This was so boring lol

  • vanessa 0031
    vanessa 0031

    "she knows she has to earn that and that it won't be given to her" BUT IT WAS IT LITERALLY WAS

  • Da Sashaa
    Da Sashaa

    This is a 100000 out of 10

  • Da Sashaa
    Da Sashaa

    U came back stronger queen like u always do

  • Da Sashaa
    Da Sashaa

    I loooooooooooooooooved it so much

  • Very nice cashews
    Very nice cashews

    No body gonna talk about how trash they were?

  • Meme Medellin
    Meme Medellin

    Trippie redd the xxxtentacion like🖤🖤🖤🖤🕊 trippie redd the charlie damelio scroll🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Brandi Kneifel
    Brandi Kneifel

    1:53 MESS UP!

  • Chapinchido

    Wtf people this is a show Sad times we live in

  • Uday Hussein
    Uday Hussein


  • bayley

    no this is actually really funny i love this so much

  • Neighborhood Pets
    Neighborhood Pets

    People keep sayin all the things that she has and how she should be happy but money can’t buy happiness.

  • That one huddygang girl
    That one huddygang girl

    no one: absolutely no one: Dixie: interviewing herself**

  • Jaiden Rose
    Jaiden Rose

    me at 4 am:

  • Karen Arreola
    Karen Arreola

    4:48 Charlie was Dixie haha was I the only one who caught it. Anyways love ya

  • Kylie Manko
    Kylie Manko

    This interview jumped around

  • oldsoul tv
    oldsoul tv

    This is literally the red dead redemption 2 building theme

  • Gary Chen
    Gary Chen

    her voice is sooooooooooooooooo Beautiful

  • ꧁ᴄʜᴀʀ꧂

    I thought charli was the popular one 😅😭✋

  • JamesJoyce12

    these ppl are like "fans" of hailey - like what did she ever do - like what are you a fan of her doing

    • Diana Santos
      Diana Santos

      her fashion but ok

  • G A
    G A

    when the white girl and thug get grouped together in class

  • niki Kumar
    niki Kumar

    this goes even harder on mute

  • Nathanael Henry
    Nathanael Henry

    Real ones know this tune is from rdr2

  • •Jaci Butler Fan•
    •Jaci Butler Fan•

    griffin: dixie how you feeling dixie: iM cHiLlInG


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  • marina videos
    marina videos

    Poor chase she only got à shirt

  • Nicole Aquino
    Nicole Aquino

    15:45 She literally never tries at anything omg

  • X x Roblox Girl x X
    X x Roblox Girl x X

    4:48 Charlie?!

  • Neo62003 ‘
    Neo62003 ‘

    Ok seriously they are 4’s maybe 5’s why are they famous

  • Tuğba •
    Tuğba •


  • Catherine Williams
    Catherine Williams

    Hailey actually tired and Dixie like let's just throw some glue and some glitter then we're done 😂 btw I love them both

  • Anaïs Grenier
    Anaïs Grenier

    I love you Dixie Charli Addison❤❤❤

    • Hendrix Albana
      Hendrix Albana

      @X x Roblox Girl x X skip to 3:19 for the best part, simp

    • X x Roblox Girl x X
      X x Roblox Girl x X

      @Hendrix Albana that’s rude

    • Hendrix Albana
      Hendrix Albana


    • X x Roblox Girl x X
      X x Roblox Girl x X


  • Michael Padilla
    Michael Padilla

    Hailey seems dope

  • Jaxon Cox
    Jaxon Cox

    The fact that this has 59k likes feels wrong

    • Spot & Spoister
      Spot & Spoister

      Do you mean dislikes or-

  • Ana Meliza Zelaya
    Ana Meliza Zelaya

    I think Dixie is so cute and down to earth love her ❤️

  • cessy charles
    cessy charles

    I love Hails sm

  • caca balls
    caca balls

    dixie:*sings* dixie:wow thats sounds great charli:thank u

  • -Amelia Thompson-
    -Amelia Thompson-

    why didn't she keep the name dixie d'amelio show? that's better than "early late night"

  • Joe Vainikka
    Joe Vainikka

    why did dixie make frenemies sneakers

  • Artes Pintura Ana Estrela
    Artes Pintura Ana Estrela


  • Alyanna

    Hailey’s shoes were so nice compared to Dixie’s lmao

  • Lizzie Roads
    Lizzie Roads

    no <3

  • Joe Vainikka
    Joe Vainikka

    the S in show on the wall is upside down

  • Help I’m lost in the comments
    Help I’m lost in the comments

    Y’all acting like privileged, rich celebrities can’t be depressed too 💀💀

  • I have no name
    I have no name

    I really don’t know how but celebrities just look different like looking at hailey you can tell she’s one

  • Mia Curtis
    Mia Curtis

    Who else loves that she has Charli's book in the backround, if that's not sister love i don't know wjat us

  • Joe Vainikka
    Joe Vainikka

    why does she need such a big set

  • Isabelle

    you have no talent dixie

    • Bakhtiyar Guseinov
      Bakhtiyar Guseinov

      You say that like we don’t already know that

  • Saida HEBOUB
    Saida HEBOUB

    5:47 Dixie :Charlii COME ON . Lil huddy :ahahah😂

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar

    You have no talent. You're famous because alot of simps Toss one off to you. If tiktok wasn't a thing you would work for McDonald's by now.


    Wow its like can u even accept things given to u oh wait no u can't u spoilet brat

  • Mia Nemeth
    Mia Nemeth

    in all honesty the tun wasn't bad but the lyrics are an abomination

  • Tessa Orloff
    Tessa Orloff

    omg so amazing

  • Brianna Powell
    Brianna Powell

    Dixie and Charli: get along🥰🥰🥰🥰 Me and my sister:😡👊🏽🖐👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻🖐😵😵

  • Ethan gaddiz
    Ethan gaddiz

    You guys should shut it out because if you know Demi LOVATO written these lyrics and she’s a good Edson Dixie is and Demi LOVATO that singer on other circles will lift you down and will knock you off your front porch so keep it floating out critical bad peeple

    • Ethan gaddiz
      Ethan gaddiz

      Edison I mean person after

  • Poppy Dormer
    Poppy Dormer

    It's great to get to know haileys personalty